It would have been better if I wasn't born

My life is pretty much useless and shameful and it would have been better if I wasn’t born.

Or, if I never came out of my mother’s womb that would have been better.

My life is basically worthless in people’s eyes.

Things change, my friend.
Don’t curse your life.

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@anon10648258 you’re being really hard on yourself. I been there too. I hope you realize people who care for you love you and want you around.

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I’m sorry you’re feeling this way @anon10648258, but please seek some help, don’t beat yourself up. I don’t wish you to die, and I know others here feel the same. You are special, you are unique. There is no one else like you. Things can get better, hold on.

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I am one of the people and I DO think that you are worth a LOT. Try to focus on gratitude for a while and it help to restructure your thoughts so you won’t feel so bad.


@Sezbot241 @Om_Sadasiva @anon10627598 @Kxev

If you ask anyone on the street about me, they would think otherwise. At least that’s what I think. I have no value in life. I just put burden on my family and cause ■■■■ amount of trouble.

I’m pretty much useless. No one in this world would think I’m worth it.

I pray that I’ll die soon. I can’t seem to die by my own hands.

I’m depressed and I don’t care about myself anymore. My life has no worth.

i can relate to feeling that your life is useless… i feel like that a lot too but i know there is people that like having me around so it becomes not useless really… i think it’s the same for you… it might feel useless but there is still people that like having you around.

I know things can seem helpless and hopeless, but let’s remember the higher our self image and self esteem, the better we feel emotionally and the more likely we are to make good choices that coincide with our healthy and wellbeing. We all matter.
It’s ok to stop for a moment, cry, feel down, but then just keep swimming, always moving forward, steady, slowly but surely.

@anon10648258 I am genuinely sorry you feel this way. But continuing to make these posts is a form of self harm.