My life was saved and now i gotta make it worth while


i thank goodness never attempted suicide and am very proud of that.

however, i have been very depressed over my sz years.

now that i am a cancer survivor my life was saved.

i am trying to make myself a quality life.

just thought i’d share.



It is wonderful you survived. Wishing you lots of continued goodness in your life


So glad your still with us!!! Keep up that fight. I too have been very depressed and been in some sorry states but it does get better! Good luck with your life!


oh Judy I could just cry I’m so happy for you …I love you and hope you find happiness in your life. Joy !!


Kudos! I think there’s some mental effort that is part of surviving cancer, too. You deserve some credit. :heartbeat:


Man, I’m so happy that you survived. I don’t know you, but the fact that you made a thread just to spread positivity shows that you are a good person. Keep it up!! :heart:


@ifeelblessed I must say congratulations. Focus on yourself for abit I’d recommend .


hi all. thanks for all your warmth and positive emotional responses.

i sure hope we all have good quality lives soon.

hugs to you all, judy


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