You know how you just wish you could do better but cannot?

that’s how i feel emotionally. i wish i could be more loving, forgiving and sweet to all the people I feel paranoid about… but I guess the paranoia in the mind causes the

poor reality testing
nasty temperament.

I am going to my therapist next week. hope it helps.

thanks for “listening”. judy


I hope it helps as well. Good luck.
I know when I fail at something it usually makes me more afraid of it, then I was before I tried. So it makes me even more afraid of trying things I know I’m afraid of.

Nzbitnoff, hi. that adds up. makes sense to me.

also after trying and failing all my life at getting along well with people in my “real” life I find it difficult to keep on trying and trucking along.

now I feel like a truck itself. I gained weight, look angry, feel angry and am downright out of balance. I hate being this way.


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i hope you get strength from the words written here.and of course from sharing with your therapist…pour your heart out and you will probably feel better…hang tough…

You are being hard on yourself. I`m glad you are going to see your therapist.

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