I feel like I am just not good

I felt I try on many things well in my life, but I do have fear which I don’t even try because of being afraid. I just feel I am not good enough, I want to be better but I could not

It sounds like you are struggling with self esteem…

It can be difficult to go outside of our comfort zone on things. But if you get yourself into the mindset of “I can’t” then you definitely never will. Maybe instead say “I’m not ready to do this right now, but I will work hard so that someday I will be”

me too may be
try to exercise or be in good shape this may help

Yea I don’t feel good enough. Sometimes. It’s an unpleasant feeling.

I think you have a lot of value. You need to find good things about yourself and say them to yourself everyday. For instance, you’re very genuine. That’s a great trait about you. You’re also kind and you care about people. Focus on that

These are classic negative symptoms of sz.
I know what you mean, I feel the same.
I will ask my psychiatrist about Strattera ADHD med, I read and someone here told me that it could help negative symptoms of sz.

Stratterra worsens anxiety and can even cause paranoia.

Google the serenity prayer @Gtx1990. I think you’re trying too hard.
I think you’re trying too hard, to change too many things. I do the same thing. You can’t change everything; when you try to change everything, it’s a losing battle.

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