Wish i could shake this feeling

That if something goes wrong i’m going to be told off/punished. It makes me so scared of attempting new things. I try and take it in when they attempt to reassure me but the feeling is so persistent.

Why would you be punished? And by who?
Life is all about trial and error, research and development…how does a child make it to adulthood without a bit of correcting and help? They don’t. Adults arn’t perfect by any means, and never will be. Nothing wrong with honest mistakes or trying, as long as you don’t intentionally hurt someone in the process.
Beware the person who makes no mistakes, it just means they are a good liar.
Believe they nailed the last perfect person to a cross…

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I don’t mind making mistakes on my own but in company it’s a different matter. When i think about i can see how irrational it is and that it’s unlikely i would actually be punished ,but as said it’s still a persistent feeling.
I guess paranoia comes into play a lot here and a feeling that subconsciously it relates to past experiences-probably in childhood.

i think it stems from childhood, my mother told me i was a loser and useless everyday …what a nice person she was !
don’t feel bad what you are describing sounds normal to me , just remember the most brutal judge is your self.
by trying new things we grow and have confidence, by failing we grow and learn wisdom.
take care

i look at it like this. every time i fail it’s an opportunity to succeed the next time so in my mind there is nothing wrong with failure at all. and its a lot better than not trying at all. try and relax hunni…easier said than done i know…but really…u r a grown man…is there anyone to punish u left? people don’t punish other people for their mistakes unless there is something seriously wrong with them. and if u don’t hang around with people like that then ur ok. just try ur hardest and if u fail ull c that no one is going to punish u. just remember the mantra. failure is an opportunity to succeed the next time. hope this helps xxx