I know its not nice but i am jealous and angry to others sometimes still

Ok, that’s how I am sometimes. But I was feeling ultra guilty and paranoid about this in the past. Now, I try to remain chill :slight_smile: . I hope it will passes me away. I am not sure that there is med against this so I dont ask it to my doc. Maybe I am wrong but I think there is no cure about this personality feature, no?..
yesterday I was feeling awful in the evening… My day today was better though. I even started to feel some emotions, my thinking was slightly better, less paranoid. Ive been ill so long that it will take a lot of time still. Its depressing but its a fact… Ive been dumbed already cause ill and mean… It broke my heart in the past. I should overcome this too, become stronger a bit.
Its a lifelong illness, I know this too. But its hard when I feel depressed. I always think that nobody is so depressed as me :confused: . sorry if I annoy you while being like this. Ill continue to have hope in a stabilization and a bit of peace.