You just become a horrible human being under the American way

striving for money

hording it

and trying to put somebody else out of business

cut throat

driven toward absolute success


The American dream is called the American dream because you have to be asleep to experience it.


Why do you think that a person (or company) striving for success, trying to get ahead, makes them horrible?

Capitalism, competition, the quest for profits … these are what drive American innovation.

Whatever. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion; it just gets under my skin a bit when an American trashes America.


why should so many fail on the account of small success?

Why should America make promises they can’t keep for the 99 percent?

What promises are you speaking of? Can you give a specific example?

If you think capitalism is terrible, take a look at socialist countries such as Cuba and Venezuela. You are better off here than those countries’ citizens are.


My top 5 is Russian lit.

My greatest poets went with humanity.

What, we leave everybody behind?

What the hell do poets have to do with this? The fact is that the poor and the disabled have things much better in America than those groups do in most parts of the world. So why ■■■■ on America and the American way?

Perhaps you’ve read some Marx? If so, you read the idealized version of socialism, which differs greatly from the reality of it.


only buying from business that wants your money

great when I get my books into making a buck

but I’m for free exchange, do something good for me

I’ll do the grunt work.

Free exchange, huh?

You seem to like having a computer and a phone. Do you really think you would have either if companies such as Apple and Samsung were not turning a profit? No, they would stop making them if they were not profitable.

Every business wants your money. The whole point of starting a business is to make a profit.


Yeah, I’ve read The Cry for Justice cover to cover about 3 times

the workers union is the most important institution ever.

The country had to be forced to find fair working conditions.

It’s a very important book, and I never give it out.

I have a signed copy that is worth a lot.

Having read that book does not make what you’re saying right. Yes, unions have done good things, I’m in a union myself; I have no problem with them. I have a problem with people shitting on America, especially when it’s another American. Not to mention nothing in your last message countered anything I wrote in the comment above. Is that because you don’t have a good response? Socialism is garbage; capitalism is far better.

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so, it’s a personal attack from you, that I would have something to say?

Nothing I say is new. Stop singling me out.

A personal attack? You just called the majority of Americans “horrible people.”

And you still haven’t mounted any sort of counter-argument.

Edit: my mistake, you actually called us “horrible human beings.” Whatever.

Wtf how is that a personal attack @daze. Capitalism is by far the best choice

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I made myself clear

it’s your counter that I question

since it’s obvious to most.

Wtf are you talking about?

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I feel like there are many problems we have here in the US but i would still rather live here than most socialist countries.


■■■■ dude, want me to sound my barbaricyawp @freakonaleash

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you keep getting Likes on this post

maybe you want wealth to absorb all of humanity,

and those here will follow you.

And North Korea.

And in the past China and the old Soviet Union. China is now a strange combination of communism with some capitalistic elements thrown in because they figured out that pure communism ultimately crumbles under its own weight. But read the history of China and the Soviet Union. They had epic purges killing hundreds of millions of their own citizens when their socialist utopias began to crumble.

Socialism is quite a scary road to go down. When it become obvious that their utopian ideas have failed they turn to purges, and the first to go are the least productive citizens such as the mentally ill and the disabled.