We're all dollar signs $$$$ does anybody feel this way?

pay for something, internet, cable, food, healthcare, clothes, taxes, furniture, everybody has an offer for me to pry me from what little money i have. i feel like some people just see me as a walking dollar sign especially pro sports who are always raising their prices on us fans.


Haha true. 1555

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That’s capitalism for you. By the way how would you rate my recent response to your post? Follow the link: ratemypost.com/ratings jk :slight_smile:


It’s capitalism.
We are all consumers


World’s heading towards a kind of neofeudal state where people will be too poor to own land, and be fully controlled by the state, in a sense.

Can’t just crow “Capitalism bad! Capitalism bad!” like it’s the source of all ills in the world. It’s literally lifted billions out of poverty in the past few decades.

What does communism do? It eats from the host and destroys it, usually in a purgey style, or best case scenario, a USSR style collapse. You want that?

What’s needed is an intelligent framework for capitalism to cater to the lower and middle classes best. The upper classes merely should be prevented from forming monopolies and cartelizing, and it would be pretty utopian.


I feel yes in another way. I know some see me as a $ drain on the system.

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I think socialism is the best option. That kind of borrows the best from both capitalism and communism. You have a free economy, but at the same time you have solid wellfare and free health care like in my country. It allieviates stress extremely when you know your neighbour has your back.


Socialist republics don’t last long.

From List of socialist states - Wikipedia (former socialist states)

Marxist Leninist states last on average 43 years, and non-Marxist-Leninist socialist states last about 20 years.

Further right leaning states on average last over a hundred years, comparatively. Take Canada and the US, for example. But they’re going down the socialist slippery slope too.


I feel the same way you do @Lifer . And I absolutely hate it.

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I don’t know how long Norway(my country) has been sosialistic, but I think actually since 1905 when we became a independent country.

There have been some periods we have republican government, like now the republicans has governed since 2013, but I think everybody is happy with the socalistic model when it comes to wellfare and free health care. We pay more tax, but I say it’s worth it, unless you are rich and have no worries.

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