You guys, they wouldn't take her

for a grooming.

I told them she has enlarged heart and fluid on the lungs,
and can barely walk cuz of joint issues.

they said it’d be too stressful for her.
I’ve taken her here for years, PetSmart.

I made the appointment online, and they never asked questions.
Phil all over me, A Fuc- k-ing wasted trip.
we didn’t to do what we wanted to do
while she was grooming.

already have bawled. I’m okay now.


Sorry to hear that. That’s sad. You’d think groom9ng would be relaxing, but maybe not.

Can you groom at home?

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Hugs to you @Daze . I hope your furbaby is okay.

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I’m sorry to hear that you can’t get your pet groomed @Daze .

@ZombieMombie , is your cat improving?


well, yeah. Phil says he wants to try. I’ll be watching him close,

plus what about her nails. I might be able to call Amy, but she’s about 2 months out.

They have the pet nail sander files at Walmart, I think. It isn’t hard to sand them down.

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Deoge is like a statue when she’s getting groomed.

idk, now she’s uncomfortable without the physiology affect.

That’s awful. I’m sorry they did that.

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Hmm. . .

Here’s An Idea @Daze.

Give Your Fur Baby Some Extra Needed Space.

And Give An Atmosphere Of Relaxation And Comfort.

That May Actually Easy Thus Endless Pain Your FUR BABY Has Been Going Through.

It’s Jus Like The Movie ‘Critters’, So Sad. . .


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yeah. she likes to be with mommy, or Phil though.

the house is modest. Worry about her pain levels at the dog park.

Hmm?. . .

I Don’t Quite Understand You.

I’m Not Worried.

What Is Thus Strange Folklore You Have Abandoned?.

So Sad. . .


Don’t start on her @ATARI . You have a bad habit of bothering people about their pets.


I just want to drop in and say my dog can play guitar better than anyone in this thread.



I’m so sorry. Poor fur baby! I’m not ready for that day with my baby at all. I have a Shih Tsu aged between 10 and 12 (vets couldn’t agree on his age when we first rescued him). I know I don’t have many years left. Anyway, I’m so sad for you @Daze Give your baby some extra hugs and kisses.

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Yeah she’s been getting lots of lovin’ and giving it back. Hard day today. Lots of anxiety in the car ride.

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Hmm. . .

In My Personal Opinion, It’s A…,

To Call Your One True Humble Wise Friend A…,


It Even Comes Out Strange.

So Sad. . .


I personally don’t care what you think about calling a pet a pet.

Don’t harass people over it or take a time out each instance.

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This made me laugh so hard

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