You can't trust people

Why is it so wimpy to be decent, gangster life, I might be decent but you jump on what’s mine your going to wish you didn’t have problems with me. I thought that was a great philosophy on boundries. I still have pride and I still have fire in me

smoke weed evryday. MOB .ACAB LOL XD

We want our territory, true. I hate trespassers, too. They must be homeless people if they can’t understand our desire to defend our turf.

Brought back a memory of my dad kicking out twenty bucks sitting around a table of cocain,“Don’t you guys have homes”? Long time ago but my dad still has 0 tolerance for bs,way to go old man lol

wake up in the morning,strap shoes on my feet,light me up that cigarette and head on down the street,got to find the reason ,reason things went wrong,got to find the reason why my monies all gone,BUT I CAN STILL GET HIGH SOMETIMES, THANK GOD FOR THE POPPY SEED,THE COCOA PLANT,AND ALL THE OTHER BEAUTIFUL WILD LIFE GROWING ON THIS EARTH FOR US TO USE…,TWO RULES FOR ME,DON’T PUT BATTERY ACID,OR RAT POISON IN MY BODY,but I’m still happy,and singing this song,u feel me

you could try and turn your life around…how old are you?:unamused:

Believe it or not I’m at a pivotal point that started last night,I know drugs r controversial subject,I use em to help with anxiety,and they work.It’s like big macs at mcdonalds,you eat em you gain weight lose money,and if your careless you’ll get high blood pressure,then a stroke or matbey a heart attack,same principle pretty much with everything. I’m a Christian and believe people are just as capable of handling the situation,like they are when they eat at mcdonalds,one thing SZ has imparted in me is that after being tried again and again on what I believe ,I have a belief system,things r not black and white,easy assumption after reading the Bible a little bit,there r many parodooxes in this life. I use these drugs for medicinal purposes for stress that comes from SZ.One night or two of no stress does wonders for me for the next week.Some well meaning people might go so far to tell me I’m going to hell,those r the times I thank God for SZ this thorn in the flesh.I had to know what I believed in the onset of dillusio,or I would have died. I don’t want to rock anyone’s boat,but you have to know what you believe in life or this disease will eat you up,that’s my situation anyway. I love god,I love people,sorry isn’t in my vocabulary because if I hurt someone I never meant to.Believe bro,I’m on my game,I would value your opinion if you give me a reason that I should keep some of this under wraps,it’s my beliefs based on the book,but I don’t want to lead anybody astray,so please if you will let me know if you feel that way,and I’m going a little over the top

ive done a lot of drug from weed to hydro-morphine. About 3 days ago i was rush to the hospital because i was spitting blood.The doctor told me that it was because of the cocaine you see sometime the cocaine will get inside your lung and i was diagnose with pneumonia . All i wanted to say is be careful cocaine is a hell of a drug. Right now,after this long trip at the hospital im a new man ive stopped all the drugs ive shut down all my drug addicted friend and im concentrating on my school so i can have a good job with a good pay life is shinning at me in a new way.Be careful drug are bad mkay. i understand you i was a little thug back in the day you wouldn’t believe what ive done. And now with SZ well drug and SZ dont do well together its called drug induced psychosis.just be careful and may god be with you :mask:

I’d say one of the hardest parts will be shutting those bad influence friends out bro.Being lonely sucks,it’s my worst fear cause I get isolated and can’t communicate.I’m not to proud to say I don’t want to be alone.I know there’s always some good people out there"lending out a hand to help you back up on your feet" the song lyrics of some song,hahhaa, good luck man been great talking

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