You are creating a world

What world would you make?

What would it be like?

How would you make the conscious beings, how would they work?

What would the environment be like?



I need a drink then I’ll get back with you.


Ok im back,id have it be clean with nobody but me and I get all the modern convenience of technology.

Not just me in a barren clean world,
maybe me and lotsa robots to run the world while I just hang out and not destroy it.

I believe that everything we’ve done to reach this point in human evolution we’ve done before there’s evidence of nuclear war natural cataclysm thousands of years ago.

What happened then is whats happening now,we ruined the world so we have to wipe the slate clean and start over.

So I figure if I could id avoid all that by cutting out the cancer before it spreads.

The world would be a world with updated ways to cure illness.

One of the things I don’t like about this world is the fact that we eat animals and animals eat eachother. I will make so that everyone including animals eat only fruits and vegetables.

One where I don’t have schizo-affective disorder and I reach my full potential. Or at least a world where I don’t suffer negative symptoms and cognitive decline. I think I could handle my illness then.

The Buddha says we make the world with our thoughts. A SZ hell world then.

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Hmm ,

Hmmmm ,

I Once (long ago) Went A Month Without Eating Anything ,

Including Veggies ,

As I Was Going Throo Such ,

I Decided I Shall No Longer Eat Meat ,

None ,

Whatsoever ,

I Thot About Such A Food-ish Pyramid and Such ,

and Decided That I Didn’t Agree With Eating ANYTHING ,

So I Didn’t ,

Felt Actually Pretty Gud ,


I Jumped Back On Tha Eating Food Pyramid Ship and Even Ate Meat ,

Sadly Tho ,

Found Out That We As Humans and Such have Many Options On / Within Thus Blue Bubble ,

So I Would STOP and Then GO ,

STOP and Then GO ,

It Was As I Have Discovered An Instinctual Crayving ,

So Now As I Type I Can Say Thus ,

I Don’t Eat Veggies OR Meat ,

But I Take Calcium Pills ,

Spend More T(Y)me Outside ,

And Eat SOUP (!!!) ,

Unfortunatly I STILL Desire Meat and Such ,

Usually Deep Down and I Say " NOPE !!! " ,

" Nope Im Good , I’ll Take Tha Soup !!! " ,

So My Personal opinion is Eat Whatchoo Want ,

But Slow It Down ,

and When You Do ,

You May Feel Terrible For Being Involved WILLINGLY With Terrible Food Pyramid Animal Crayving and Such ,

It Is Sad To Note That EVEN Nature Devours Itself ,

It’s A Sad Trip ,

But Tha Point Is ,

Slow Down ,

Think About What It Is You Are Being Apart Of ,

and Fill In Tha Blanks With Natured Vitamins ,

You Will Find , That , That Hunger For Animals Will One Day Disappear and You Will Be Ok With Another Desire Route Of Whatevah You Wanna Call It …

So …

So …

So …

Have A Great Dai Food Thread Peeps (!!!)

(by) (tha) (way) ,


and I Mean Thus ,


Everything and Everyone’s Body Needs Food ,

Jus Realize There Are Plenty Of Options At Your Grocery Store ,

and As I Have Discovered Tha Better Non Attatched Food Pyramid Is Slightly More Expensive ,

But Call it A Sort Of Happi Sacrifice ,

This Time , One With Naught Being Involved With Nonsense …

Yes I agree we create reality. Consciousness changes our environment.