Rough couple of days

Err rough week is more like it. Ive been a bit symptomatic and I think I’m having some strange beliefs. I feel embarrassed talking about it now that I have some insight, and it just kind of crept up on me.

I wanted to start a drone business. That seems harmless enough and might even be fun. I just went down rabbit hole with it and I’m still not completely convinced I couldn’t use it to make a big dent in world hunger.

I was looking into the benefits of drones in agriculture, and thought about creating a business to dismantle the current way we mass produce food, to a more regional level. I wanted to move to a horticultural style of nourishment, where we have smaller farms, well still big just not as big and less about creating products like high fructose corn syrup and ethanol.

The goal would be to ramp up production of fruits and veggies to help give access to food deserts, mainly found in inner cities.

Thinking about it with some logic, creating self sustaining farms, or what I would call massive gardens, to provide for people in that region has many benefits including lowering emissions from transporting food all over. Using drones to help manage the crops and analyze data was my first step.

I guess where it became unusual is where I was already in the process of filling out a credit card application to fund thousands of dollars to get my project started. I just feel like if someone doesn’t do this then we could be facing famine on even larger scales. So many kids are malnourished in these food deserts and i often feel responsible for it. I dont give enough in money or time. I deserve to be punished for it.

I am afraid something of that scale will take more than thousands of dollars to work

Maybe you could get together a theory and proof of concept for it and pitch for funding?

At least you wouldn’t be doing it alone, and funding it yourself

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