If you could

If you could create a living thing for the earth what would it be?

Detail please.

A woman that doesnt care if i have a job or not. Doesnt get up my â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  when i start to stink. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A plant that ate them sun’s o beaches that luv to sneaky sneak into people homes and eat all uh them fresh packs o bacon and drink they’s bottles o milk without using a glass. Sheesh…wouldn’t need any maintenance either.

A plant creature, that is a plant, but with parts like an animal, so when you eat this creature it would count as vegetarian.

And taste like chicken?
You vegetarians can’t have your Graham crackers and eat it too. (hehehhe)

I’m actually not vegetarian… i just thought that would be interesting :slight_smile:

Nothing against vegetarians, but,
If Gawd didn’t want us to eat meat he wouldn’t have made all the animals so tasty.

That is a fantastic idea, a meat based plant, no fuss no muss, easy to farm, the whole nine yards.

They may be with us already in the form of: soya bean plants, which can be made into miso soup, soy sauce, eaten boiled as eda-mame, rotten as natto, or made into a variety of meaty burgers.

[quote=“Kramer, post:2, topic:72493”]A woman that doesn’t care if i have a job or not.[/quote] !

It sounds like a good idea doesn’t it. The first song I liked was perhaps Neal Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans” about such a woman.

Blue jeans cost more than a nice dress these days.

A woman to teach the world to save itself through behavior modification :slight_smile: Of course she would be really funny too and sexy and smart…
I may know someone :wink:

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