Yoga videos on Prime

I have been looking for a good home workout yoga video for a long time, and I just found one! If you have Amazon Prime, it’s included in your membership. It’s called Weight Loss Yoga Workout for Beginners with Erica Vetra. I just searched the word “yoga” and it was the second result.

It focuses a lot on core strength and stretching. None of the poses are very advanced, but they still provide a good workout. She talks you through all of the poses, to make sure you’re doing them correctly. I found out that I have been doing Downward Dog incorrectly for years! As someone who has been to many different yoga classes, I really liked this one. It offered a lot of variety, instead of just doing the exact same flow fifteen times in a row. It is one hour long. I had to pause it halfway through to get my breath back.

The only two complaints I have are that shavasana is too short at the end, and she sometimes rambles on about weird things. But overall, I highly recommend it. One thing I will say, is that if you decide you only want to do part of the video, don’t stop halfway through. Instead, skip forward to the last fifteen minutes, and finish all of the ending stretches. That is very important. If you don’t stretch at the end, you could hurt yourself.

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I found the Prime videos too. Haven’t done this one yet. I did her Yoga For Beginners: Poses for Strength, Flexibility and Relaxation, it was pretty boring but I guess it wasn’t meant to be stimulating. It served its purpose for strength, flex and relaxation. Thanks for the tip.

Edit: This video was with Kanta Barrios not Erica Vetra

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I like the Peggy Cappy yoga videos. I’m not sure if they’re available on Prime.

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