Yoga advice

Once my toe/toenail heals I wanna start working out and yoga.

Anyone else do yoga?

I would like some links to good yoga for weight loss. Please and thank you🙂


Amazon Prime has free yoga videos. Do you have Prime?

I did a 25 minute yoga routine I got from a book back in the late ninety nineties. I did it almost every day for two years. It damaged my body to this day. I lost my shoulders. You really need a teacher, it is dangerous.

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Yes, i did yoga with a qualified teacher and it was very pleasant. It was paid by my medical insurance back in Germany, i couldn’t effort it otherwise.

I’ve been doing yoga consistently at home, on my own, with apps, books, magazines, and videos for the past 17 years. I rarely have had a live teacher. I am a former RN, so, I understand good body mechanics, so, I never hurt myself doing yoga.

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