Yet another mood change

Part of my sza is Bipolar type 2. Went through a long depressed period and then had boundless energy today. I felt fantastic but also felt off and brushed it off as nothing. Now I’m laying in bed, supposed to be sleeping, with an urge to clean the whole house. I can’t stop fidgeting and I feel like I have so much energy I could burst. I did so much today and know I need to sleep. Now it makes so much sense; I’m hypomanic.

How do you deal with your mania/hypomania?


I don’t have mania, but if my mood turns sour I listen to calming music and meditate for a bit. I plan to add aromatherapy to that.

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Spending the energy of something is probably a good thing to do. Do you have any creative outlets? Besides house cleaning :slight_smile: ?

Walking/pacing helps with hypomania

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I used to follow the instinct end up feeling guilty. Only thing that helps for now for me is medicine.

If it’s bedtime maybe take a PRN to calm yourself down. If manic state occurs during daytime then physical activity or exercise.

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