Years and years of research

years and years of research about schizophrenia and still no concrete explanation of the causes, what happens to the brain and how to stop the disease, and still and yet we know little or nothing about this disease… why?


It is true
I remember my dad telling me 11 years ago that they’d have better medications but they haven’t seemed to make any breakthroughs at all

Some people are saying this next century is going to be “the century of the brain”, where they will get all the brain circuitry mapped. With 100 trillion synapses in the brain, that is a lot of circuitry to map, but with the help of super computers we can probably do it. Maybe then they will gain insight into what causes schizophrenia.

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The old forum I remember had a pinned article at sometime that they say the researcher predicted that 2013 will be the year that they find a cure for schizophrenia,looks like the prediction was wrong