Xanax abuse?

In my understanding people attain xanax illegally and crush up the pill and snort it right? Can’t the person just attain it thru prescription. And swallow it. With water. I don’t get it.

…???..all I know is people do some pretty stange things in attempts to alter their mood.
I prefer the cheap and legal devil caffeine.


I know it’s addictive. I didn’t know people snorted it. If people with prescriptions continually take their Xanax too often and are asking their doctor for too many prescriptions then it raises the suspicions of the pharmacist AND the doctor. They are both fully aware that people abuse, Xanax, valium, Ativan, etc. (not everybody, obviously) The doctor could get in trouble himself for writing too many prescriptions for one person in a short time span so they are careful.'Thus you have people getting three prescriptions for Xanax under three different names or stealing their parents or friends Xanax.

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theyre keen on giving people benzos in america not so much in the uk
i got addicted to them by buying them off the internet and withdrawing from them was one of the hardest things ive ever done im very proud not to be a pill head now:)

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My anxiety is too strong, I cannot take traditional antidepressants so I take a benzo tablet everyday - works wonders.
But I swallow it, never snorting it

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