Stealing pills to cope

So, I’ve been stealing someone’s xanax to cope with…everything.

That someone is my boyfriend’s father.

I can’t begin to tell you all how unbelievably guilty I feel. That’s why I’m here spilling my guts about it. I know he must notice his pills going missing, and the list of suspects must be rather short. Getting caught isn’t what I’m most worried about though. It’s having to look in his parents’ faces and admit what I’ve done. They trust me. They ■■■■■■■ TRUST me. And my boyfriend. God.

What the hell do I do?

Stop doing it and let them know your sorry and won’t do anything like that again, They may be thinking it’s someone else and treating them badly,


Will your doctor not give you your own prescription?
I use to take 2 mg Xanax 6 times per day before, but was only prescribes for 3 times per day.
Funny thing being that I did not get addicted. But I don’t recommend it. Not everyone is as resistant to addiction me.

Anyway. Try to get your own prescription from your pdoc. There are also some non benzos out there, but they are either not that effective or they take time to take effect.

I am prescribed klonopin, 0.5mg morning, 1mg evening, but it’s not enough. My doctor refused to increase my dosage and actually decreased it. None of this is any excuse for my deception.

I know the feeling of having ones dose lowerd like that. I don’t usually take Xanax anymore, but I asked for a prescription because I was going to travel and I sometimes get so stressed out while traveling, I have to be hospitalized upon return. They said that it wouldn’t be a problem.
I have had 2 mg pills since like 9 years back, because no lesser dose has had effect.
Well, I get to the pharmacy and I see that they had written a prescription for 20 pills of 0.25 mg. Yup! 8 times less than the effective dose. I thought they had made a mistake, but after talking to several people and 2 doctors at my clinic, they said that they were not going to give me a higher dose.
That is why I quit taking my meds in June. I told them to shove it, and didn’t talk to them for several months.
I know it was immature and all, but I was very angry.
I hadn’t asked them for tranquilizers in a year I think.
There are so many things I could say about this, but I can’t be bothered.

Whoops. I think I might have gone off track.

Oh dear. How aweful for you. I feel so sad for you. Maybe you can find a doctor willing to prescribe what you need? No one should have to be that desperate that they end up being tempted to steal meds. I really hope you can get a doc to give you a better prescription.

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Look away from them and don’t admit it you might look guilty but they won’t be so hard on you

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Have you seen the new research showing a link between benzo use and dementia? That was enough to get me to seriously work on cutting down my use. U hope you’re able to cope with less, sounds like addiction may be playing a big role here.

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Im really sorry your having to go through this. I don’t really know the situation or the people involved but maybe just tell them whats going on. If they know ur already struggling im sure they’d be understanding. But your priority should revolve around your xanax use. It doesn’t matter if your stealing bars from the president the most harm your causing to yourself is yourself. Im being a hypocrite by saying this but using substances to cover up especially something like pills only causes more pain in the end. Ive used anything i can get my hands on just to numb out and ive actually caused physical damage to my body because of it. All those bottles of delsym ain’t good for your stomach. I know it feels good but id strongly recommend doing the actual research to find out what that substance is actually doing to your body and mind before you say “lets go for it.”