What I get for abusing xanax

So I am prescribed 3 1mg tablets a day. I usually just take 2 per day. During finals week I was taking 3 a day, one very 6 hours. The night before my two hardest finals I took one at 10pm to go to sleep, but I was still wide awake at 2am and so I put two footballs in my mouth and chewed them up. I was out within 30 mins and woke up at 530 extremely sedated and took 15 mins to dress myself and tie my shoes, and I made a couple of coffees and accidentally spilled one of them everywhere but my mom (shes awesome) just said “go drink your coffee” and cleaned it up.

I had sweats and was gagging last night. I only took 2 1mg tablets yesterday. It took me 4 hours to fall asleep. I woke up today and took my morning dose but I have a terrible headache.

I ■■■■■■ up. I am going to have to take only 2 a day from now on and endure this withdrawal. Just wanted to let you benzo users know what happens when you abuse your benzo. nasty ■■■■.

I will drink my preworkout drink which contains tons of caffeine and vitamins and go train in a few hours- I am going to fight through this.

Hopefully my doctor doesnt read my posts and take me off of xanax, I need it. See, Im even a little paranoid too.

Never do what I did. Just don’t do it. I feel like ■■■■. I couldnt sleep so I took my prescribed dose meant to be taken each 6 hours apart all within 6 hours.

What Doge has to say about my behavior

I didnt mean to dissappoint you, Doge of Shibe

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I just puked, yay…

Sounds like you might be building a tolerance to the benzo and that’s why you weren’t able to sleep, and had to take more to actually sleep…
Unless you are like me, who has a shifting metabolism when it comes to meds. Its like my body chemistry will react to something like its supposed to, then a couple days later just the opposite.

The stress from finals was what made me stay awake i think. I went to sleep at midnight last night after taking a mg at 5pm

I understand that some people need benzos but I have never met a single person on them who ever took them exactly as prescribed. They are a dangerous class of drugs where withdrawal can be fatal if done incorrectly.

I have an addictive personality and I’m glad I don’t need them.

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I take them (ativan) for TD coincident to Cogentin. I do not have an addictive personality. I take heavy pain meds and the benzo all exactly as prescribed (except sometimes I skip doses of pain meds). I do have a physical dependency on my pain med, however I do not have a mental one. I do not crave the pills. They do nothing for me except to moderate my pain. It IS possible. But I think a lot of it just depends on your physical and emotional makeup.


I feel better now. I worked out with an old friend from way back who is now huge as f-ck. I am never f-cking with xanax again.

Yep. Just sent an email today to my son`s case manager to please give him something to help him relax. ~!@#$%
I hope C. can somehow find a way to be calm without it all…

Lamictal has made me less anxious and paranoid, the combo of Lamictal and Klonopin do not mix well for me, leaving me feeling out of it/high I have dropped my daily Klonopin intake down to a speck of Klonopin every day - I was never on high doses of it to begin with, but I have been on it for many years. I tried to get off of Klonopin, skipping a dose - I could not go without it for more than 7 hours or so. I got terrible withdrawal side effects, headache, flu like symptoms, stomach issues, chills etc… Now I continue taking it everyday at tiny doses, I am hooked - Damn

I’ve been taking Klonopin for years too. I’ve discontinued it more than 5 times, always tapering off over the course of many months. By the end of the process, I’m taking about 1/8 of a tablet. So it is possible to do.

In clinical practice, I’ve seen docs give Haldol to patients to facilitate benzodiazepine discontinuation. Or give other 1st gen meds to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

So don’t be discouraged and think that you’re tied to this med for life. You CAN stop it, with a little bit of time and help.



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I take Klonopin and sometimes I accidentally skip a dose at night, when I fall right asleep. It doesnt’ seem to matter, except that I don’t always get a good nights sleep without my nighttime pills. I’ve also forgotten it in the mornings at times. It doesn’t seem to matter. I only take .5mg twice per day though. Maybe the dose isn’t high enough to do much of anything. I still have a lot of anxiety.

@mortimermouse,I don’t understand why you would take 1 extra pill when I read your post your do high function…if I were you I would stick to only 2 per day…your highly functionable don’t risk your mental health

Well I took 6 within 24 hours, i usually take 2, sometimes 3 if i stay out past midnight. I am detoxed now, been on 2 a day for a few days and the withdrawal is gone.

Never abuse that ■■■■. Instant gratification and instant dependence.

I took around 21 xanax within 3 hours and I slept for 4 days

Haha, I am not prescribed them, but when I get my hands on them from my dealer I snort about 20 ladders and pop about 15 daily