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I’m pissed today I keep remembering things I used to care about and do before psychosis and comparing them to now. I’ve whittled my life down to the bare minimum of interactions. Plans one day next month otherwise I needn’t exist. My father had schizophrenia and committed suicide and I’m really understanding why he gave up.

My trigger finger tendonitis is stopping me from typing and mousing at length. I feel once I heal this disorder I can really start living.

I healed my headache and some of my arthritis pain with an alkaline diet, but the tendon issues are slow to respond to it. Maybe with enough willpower to do the painful exercises it can be fixed (I like it to the feeling of my hand giving birth, passing an inflamed tendon nodule through the tendon sheath.)

Schizo love! I love you guys, I really do! You all seem like really great people. Love, Love, Love, all we need is love!


Love and good treatment.

Cough Amyloban 3399 cough :wink:

Whats that ? Should I try it?

It’s a supplement that has put the positive schizophrenia symptoms of a half dozen people in this forum in remission.

People like @velociraptor, @anon62973308, @Moonwalker, @Ale, me, and @Mr.Dre.

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Aww I’m sorry about your daughter. Glad she’s staying strong!

My son helps sometimes but he thinks it’s fun to make messes. He knows how to throw his garbage away and pick his toys up. Still hasn’t picked up on doing dishes and vacuuming though LOL JK


OOOOh I want to try it since it’s lion’s mane. I want to roar like a lion.

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I got a new shower head yesterday. It was $9.99. It works great. The one I had was like standing under a straw.

I don’t have to take baths anymore. I can shower again. Should have done this months ago. That must be the lack of motivation.


It’s a patented extract of Lion’s Mane with high Amycenone levels. Won’t find that in a generic Lion’s Mane supplement.

You’ll roar with delight when the voices finally shut up though!


So my son was super tired earlier but didn’t want to take a nap. So I sang You are my Sunshine until he feel asleep. He loved it. but then I feel asleep with him I’m thinking no biggie. I’ll just lay down for a few and then I’ll be well rested to do everything I have to do today. fast forward my son starts fussing in his sleep and I wake up and I’m like WhOa what time is it?! It’s 6 o’ freaking clock… My whole day GONE sigh


There’s nothing worse than being forced to listen to delusional parents gushing about how special their offspring are when they themselves are useless.
Louis CK
One of the best comedians ever.


@anon40653964 My dude! LOL. Yeah, I got paid early too. Nice isn’t it?!

Happy to hear you’re well.

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Hey. It’s @Montezuma

How are you my favorite Beetle?


@BrianTex, How are you doing?

I enjoy filming family events and experimental type films.

Oh wow man, that sounds like a worthwhile venture for you. I’m doing ok tonight. Everything is going swell.


Skuuunk! LOL

I’m doing good big dude. I just spent nearly 200 big ones on film stock LOL.

I’m aiming to make a 30 minute little film.

How are you doing? What are you up to these days?


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i love making hot dogs with ketchup mustard spicy pickle and sport peppers and diced onion, i just revealed the chicago in me those are all ingredients of a chicago hot dog except for the ketchup


Cool on the film stock. I’ve been doing pretty good. Just getting ready to move into my dad’s house. Looking forward to hanging out with the two Gatos upstairs. Otherwise I’ve been doing some thrifting. I scored on 8 awesome DVDs for 50¢ each last week. Hope you and Jimmy have a good one.



I’ve been playing WoW Classic a lot. I have my Undead Rogue at level 21, and my brother helped me with the 20 rogue quest that teaches you how to make poisons. We are having a storm which reset the internet a few times so I’m taking a break from the game until things stabilize.