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A rare sighting of the elusive Snowy Floofle

EDIT: Apparently it’s so elusive that you have to click on the link to see it because the gif file size exceeds the allowed 11000KB. That sorta takes the fun out of the Floofle. :roll_eyes:

Here’s a screenshot of the Floofle


Hi everyone! Just wanted to be first.


What breed is that? I’m not even sure that is a cat? Maybe a dog?

I think it’s a bunny or maybe a cloud? :thinking:


How is everyone? I don’t get to be on here very often. Hello to all of you, the old pals and to those who I’m not familiar with. Hope everyone is doing well!


Has anyone seen the starhopper test flight? Its incredible.

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I like clouds 1515151515


That is one cute floofer! :smile:


I don’t know what I’m talking about. Having voices all morning. Watched some of the sports news, went to the store.

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When did it become fall?


I’m new here. Does anybody get voices that sound so lifelike and real? Mine are always ndiatuinguasble from a real person

It feels like it right?

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Alot of times they sound like a TV show on in the other room that I can’t quite make out. Sometimes if I’m overtired I hear a radio.

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I hear this young girl berating me when I try to go to bed. Sounds real.


When I hear actual voices they are in whispers coming from my closet. Usually talking about me not to me.

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Another day of work and nothing to do. I see my shrink today though.

Depression is eviserating my soul I cant escape its crushing embrace

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had multiple dreams in all of them, i was just doing regular stuff but craving cigs badly maybe my body was craving nicotine while i was sleep idk kinda weird because now that im awake i dont even feel a need

I’ve watched 3 seasons of Seinfeld in 2 days. I regret nothing.