Wrote a song for my Mom for christmas, would love feedback

It’s not bad at all so don’t worry about it being terrible, just wanted some feedback


Beautiful! Your mom will love it!

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Nice job!

You’ve got such a distinctive sound going on here. And I love the phrasing!

I song write too and know full well how hard it is…but you make it seem effortless. :slight_smile:

Your Mother should be very proud of you.


Thanks man I appreciate it! Are you the guy who writes with his daughter? Cause you guys are super good too if it’s you. Do you have an online account I can follow?

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Yeah. I’m writing with my little girl, but I feel she’s a few years away from the stuff I’m presenting to her. We were working on this big sweeping ballad together, but I’m stuck on the bridge…my weak spot.

I’m going to try to finish it in the new year. And I don’t have a music account anywhere…I just upload some of my tracks to Picosong.

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Here’s a ‘cue’ I wrote for a TV spot or Radio. My first instincts told me it would work for a Phone Company. I’ve pitched it around just a little bit, but nobody so far has picked it up.

It’s a short 30 second ditty I carved out of a longer version of a song I was working on.


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Thats ■■■■■■■ awesome dude, I could totally see that being in a social commercial of some type. And you can make good money doing jingles too. Good luck with that man! And dude, you need to make a soundcloud or reverbnation, it lets people stay in touch, I would totally follow you

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I’m normally mostly metal but I had to sell my equipment, here’s a compilation of some of my better stuff if you have time. https://soundcloud.com/formthefrequencyproductions/insane-metal-riffs-compilation-by-mike-thetford

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I consider myself to be more of a songwriter than a musician…I’m a bit of a hack but I usually can get my point across and bang it out on my old 6 string.

But dang! You do both! That’s wild!

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It’s really good. I think she’ll cry she’ll like it so much. It’s great!

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