Working on New Song With Daughter

I’m Falling to Pieces

I touched the raindrops on the pane
You always loved it when it rained
Across the hallway once again
And took your picture from the frame

Slowly change, hit the lights
Crawl into bed, hold on tight
And dream about you
Without you…

I’m falling to pieces
What went wrong I don’t know
I’m falling to pieces
Finding it hard to let go.

(I’ve got a second verse, but here’s a snippit of me and my little girl to give you an idea of how the song goes. We just played it into her phone.)


:notes: Awesome! :notes:

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Damn man, good jam


Thanks ya’ll…:slight_smile:

I still need a bridge and I have to record it professionally one day. It’s a work in progress.

But I really enjoy some of my little daughter’s phrasing. I think one day she might be a really talented singer if she works hard and keeps at it.