<<<(((~@~Wrong Place & Wrong Time, Into Right Place & Right Time~@~)))>>>


We Have All Found Ourselves Sleeping, Walking, Sitting, Working, Alone Or Around Someone Or Something, Feeling Feelings Bad, And Or Good.

Maybe Even, None Of The Above At All, Which Made Absolutely No Sense. But!, Didn’t Seem To Be Effecting In One Way Or The Other. Maybe Even Kinda Like A Deja-Vu Momentary Lapse Of Reason. (Not Trying To Steal From Pink Floyd Gals & Guys).

But!, If You Are In, What Seems Like Endless Moments Of Wishing You Were Somewhere Else, Doing Something Different. How Can You Leave All Of That Behind Peacefully?. And!, As Quickly As Possible?.

Well, Gals, Guys, Young Adults, And Aliens!, The Answer Isn’t As Simple As It Should Be.

That Much i Can Guarantee. But!, Where There Is A Good Will, There Is Always A Way.

Step 0.1) Find Rest In Positive Peaceful, Hopeful, Questioning, Reasoning & Purpose.

Step 0.2) Draw Out A Map, With A True Inner Compass Of What It Is You Truly Want & Need.

Step 0.3) Sort Out Realistic Goals On How To Achieve Your Amazing Dreams. And ‘Go Slowly’.

Step 0.4) Learn Patience. Accept Small Failures. And Never Give Up On Yourself!.

If Anyone On Thus Odd, Fun Forum Would Like To Add Personal Successful Steps, Feel Free!.

For The Universe Sincerely Knows, Sometimes I Have No Idea What I’m Even Talking About.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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