I’m searching for something…

…and I don’t think this world can offer it.

Don’t think it’s here. Not in this realm at least. Just more places to explore, more portals, more doors and gateways. Dimensions stacked like folded encyclopedias, and I’m wanting to pierce through the pages, see the edges singe.

Reading stories based on the haze and dew of mornings after. Remembering lives. Remembering death, like waking up from a dream. To be quickly erased by some other world.

I want to remember, but I can’t remember why. Rest, but wake up. Starve, but only stop the binge to purge. Indulge, but promise not to kill.

Pray I’m wrong, hang your head in woe, wail against the cheers that signal the death of rationality. They laugh at flaccid attacks, and punish an edge down to an impossibility. Zero degree, cutting like words against soul.

Wake up….and don’t you dare forget this dream, it’s time to move, miles, rivers and tundra. We’re coming for them, and you just want to watch.

Vent over, lol llama is better now.


sorry but this literally made no sense. it reminded me of something my friend danny would write.

We don’t have to understand. That is what venting is for. Good vent, @Ooorgle


He’s venting,

In “unusal beliefs”,

What did you expect?

I feel like the clip and that comment are not cool.

if you need to vent then vent. i apologize. i wouldn’t want someone to reject my ramblings. I just had no earthly idea what you were talking about

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