*** Self / Society / & / Tha Future ***

1.) Ghost Post .

A New Start

" It’s Not So Much That They Like Me OR Don’t Like Me ,

They ,

Well The Ones Here Are Busy ,

And Us Schizo’s Pretty Much Got ALOT Goin On ,

Mentally , Physically , Possibly Spiritualy ,

I Mean Science Doesn’t Understand What Is Going On With Us Schizo’s ,

and I Am Still Unaware Of The Birth Of It ,

At Least Tha Untouched Reasoning ,

Point Is ,

Those Doctors Are Busy Even Trying To Understand Themselves As We Challenge Them ,

With Our Own Personal Phsyche ,

So It’s Not About Being “liked” ,

It’s About As I Was Taught By A Counselor ,

It’s About (((Teaching))) - (((Holding Tight To Our Innocence)))) - And Fynding Trust ,

Even When You Are Feeling Lyke It’s The Last Dai Of Your Lyfe …

So Jus Give Them and Yourself Some Tyme ,

Work Together ,

and When Thine Peace Arrives ,

Then We , You , Us , and Them , Can Get To Work . " - SleepOptimistic

1.) Tis A Ghost Post

2.) So , With That Said , How Do You Want To Start Your New Vivid Flame Dawn Rising (?)

3.) For Each Day Is Tha Start Of Your New Lyfe .

4.) How Would You Lyke To Start Yours (??)

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Hi sleepoptimistic,

I think you’d get a lot more people responding to your messages if you wrote like everyone else.

I find it really hard to read your messages - and I think other people do too.

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Hmm ,

Thaz Is Unfortunate ,

But e(Y)e Am A Fan Of Creativity , Individuality , and Further Shazz Such As ,

Thank You For Your Suggestion ,

But This Is Who I Am As I Type ,

Please have A Peaceful Dai ,

Peace . Be Unto You .

Let’s take a vote?

Can sleepoptimistic continue with the shazz or not?

Would you like him/her to stop the shazz?

I don’t mind it myself.

Love these lines. especially “holding on to our innocence” we are Children of God. (whom ever that god may be to you) but deep inside we all have our child selves