Sigh....same old. TW

“Wake up” such a simple phrase to mentally trip over. But that’s a part of it.

Thinking this world is a sim, some kind of game, unreal. Making connections to the prophetic end of days. Wondering why I chose this. “Wake up”, its still echoing inside my head.

Scared of what it all means, scared it’s going to get much worse. The end of an age in human advancement.

Wondering if I chose this and I just don’t remember. I don’t trust my memories, can’t place some of them.

Still believe I’m divine, still stuck.

Tired of this same old thing. Same old delusions. Not to say I want new delusions, I’m just tired of it all. Want to take a break from myself for a while.

Rant over.



It’s exhausting I’m sure. I need a break from being followed and recorded. I totally understand your frustration


I definitely understand needing a break from it all. I feel that way a lot.


Oh man , the simulation delusion sucks. I hated that feeling. For me I thought the world was like a video game. I even stole some food from the supermarket cos I thought people weren’t sentient.

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A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work. I am so happy about my off days. I think i am free of financial fears. I can go to so many places by public transport. Forrest,ocean,lake,river,city. Friends living far away where i can camp. I think i broke free out of my mental cage. When the system wouldn’t be so fcked up i even could get a suitable job.

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I believe I’m God. ■■■■ the reptilians.

I think it all stems from the way the brain disconnects from the rational world… things just don’t feel real anymore.

I’m not being recorded or followed and I’m not god or divine. I’m just a schizoaffective man who knows what he has and has gotten past the delusions with the help of medicine and time.

Life is really nice and boring once you get your insight. Best of luck!

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