Writing books

Do you think it would be worth it?

Ive been thinking of really focusing on my writing again but id probably be doing it for the money rather than the passion. Ive been researching how much a self published author makes and its somewhere close to minimum wage a year depending on how good you are.

Ive just been wanting to make more cash outside my disability but im worried someone might plagiarise my books, like a hacker or something. Ive taken my laptop off the network and might use that to type out all my writings.

Anyways, thats what ive been stewing over this past month if i could actually make money off ebooks and eventual audiobooks. I noticed audiobooks make alot of money based on the fact that they get alot more reviews compared to traditional books.

I might write about schizophrenia aswell, not sure yet tho. It doesnt seem like its a popular genre. Ill think about it.

There are courses you can take that teach you how to make cookie cutter best sellers. I was halfway interested in this but I ended up deciding on some other means of income. Which I’m flipping on again.

If you’re committed to writing, you can definitely make a living on it, but not necessarily writing the stuff you want to write, but rather what people are looking for.

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Lol, i was actually looking at the romance genre because they make 170% more than normal books. I was like yeah, lets get one of the most miserable schizophrenics to write a trashy romance novel, i laughed at myself. I would try tho. Personally id need to have alot of novels going at once so i have some variety.

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