Thinking of starting to write books again

Soooo I’ve been thinking of this for a while now and and I have 3 books that are free to read on Wattpad and I like it a lot but I wanted to know y’all’s thoughts… I thought to ask y’all because @jukebox posted that his thread about the story he made that I think he really should take @ZombieMombie advance and turn publish it or something since I think any book anyone makes should be published in one way or another!


thank you @Twialine the book is already self published and I would have to pay to get it republished if I ever edited the book, or had it edited…is that what you mean? are you thinking of writing a book?

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@jukebox I think.

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May I suggest setting aside a time each day to have a fresh mind to write fifteen to thirty mins. a day? one year you will have a book !! write every day or writing will whip you quicker than boo…something quoted from a book I read about writing…good luck…i loved it when I was writing a book…very fulfilling.

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@jukebox I use to write for hours at a time back in the day on top of working full time and I wrote 3 books and with the website I used I would actually post chapters as I went if I wanted! And I even had readers post comments to questions I asked (in non chapter chapters) and I would listen! I to this day get new readers to 2 of the 3 books! It’s really cool!

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wow…good for you ! you def should publish. I used iuniverse dot com…they charge about 1200 now for a publishing contract, I paid about 700 back in 2005.


@jukebox I don’t have the money to publish unfortunately we are in a LOT of debt paying it off and writing is just a hobby of mine just as all of my crafts and besides I’d rather people be able to read my stuff for free although last I was on Wattpad the app isn’t doing so well so I might have fine another place so you know

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you could always start a blog for your books…something I used to enjoy to do.

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How do I find your stuff? I’d like to read it. What do I search on Wattpad? Pm me if you want.

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@Twialine never ever pay to publish a book.

In the writing world we have a saying, Money flows to the author, never away. You can trust that, I’ve been in this game since 2005. I wrote freelance, ghost wrote several health books, and published a fiction novel.

To be published professionally you need to write the book, edit it, and then seek an agent. The agent will then pitch your book to publishers.

Or you can write the book, edit it, and pitch it to digital publishers. That’s what I did.

A publisher pays for further editing and cover art, then publishes it across multiple sites.

The bottom end is self publishing on Amazon. This can be very lucrative of a book catches the eye of readers. But it’s super hard work promoting. You need to be willing to contact book reviewers, pay for advertisement, and social media the heck out of yourself. That’s if you want to succeed.

Me? I screwed around and never promoted mine after my contract ended with the publisher and i self published. I just give it away free most of the time and get a few sales or money from Kindle Unlimited reads.


I apologize, @ZombieMombie @Twialine I found it impossible to find an agent that’s why I self published…you def should try to find an agent…I couldn’t.

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@ZombieMombie @Sunlion @ZombieMombie

My username on the site is aloveforlife two of the books are twilight fanfiction and are books that go together

@ZombieMombie @jukebox I honestly would probably never ask for people to pay to read my books

You never know. 50 Shades of Grey was Twilight fan fiction.

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@ZombieMombie didn’t know that one

@ZombieMombie I meant pay to read

If it is good and original, why not? Creators deserve to be paid. Your time put into it is actual work. Even if it was pleasurable.

Entertainment is worth money. You deserve to be compensated.

Just write a good story, make sure it it polished and typo free, and then try publishing one on Amazon. Even if you only make a dollar, it feels good to know someone valued your work.


I am starting to write again. I worked on a two page letter to my cousin recently for three days. I felt like I could keep revising it forever. Do you write fiction?

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@ZombieMombie I suppose you’re right… Just seemed wrong to me

@Jinx yes I mostly write fiction I’m wanting to write a story of my life though or what I remember and what I found out to be true.

Do it @Twialine it’s good to have such a demanding project, i have an unpublished crime novel just waiting for me to edit it.

I live in a small country so we don’t use literary agents here, but send our books directly to the publisher.

I have had two novels published, but the last three I wrote were rejected, so i need to regain some courage and self confidence to send my new novel in to a publisher with the risk of being rejected again.


Check out Inkitt. Don’t know if it floats your boat, @Twialine , but I’ve found many interesting reads there.

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