Excited and needing advice

I recently bought my first ebook and was opened up to the world of ebook publishing possibilities. I’ve been writing and editing and adding onto my sza memoir for many years and dream of publishing it.

Tried several times to publish it in print but failed. One publisher accepted it but problems arose with the bank accepting their invoice from overseas so it fell through. Other publishers rejected it

But now I read that publishing ebooks is the new thing and can be done for free and the dream of being published I had is now closer in reach.

I don’t aim to earn enough to be independent but at least enough to have pocket money not controlled by hubby and expand my reach and sharing with others.

So…where to start? My book is basically finished and just need to design and produce a cover. I presume there are apps for that I can download as far as I read online.

Anyone here who published online an ebook and succeeded? I think you mentioned you published a book @jukebox . For those who did - tell me your experiences and give some advise as I’m new in this.

I’m really excited! This is hopefully going to break thru my avolition!!!


I wrote a book many years ago and it was published. I was young so I don’t remember the company that published it and my life was hard growing up and I have no proof.

That said, please pay for an outside editor to go over your work. I’ve bought several books written by members of the forum and they were in dire need of editing. I’m not trying to be mean so I hope no one feels hurt by my suggestion. The ideas were great but the grammar etc was very bad and will not encourage people to recommend a book if it’s like that.

Best of luck to you!

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@Hadeda if you decide to self publish message me before you invest any money…I know of people that got screwed over in the self publishing book business…I hope you find a publisher…and yes, I didn’t edit my book good enough when I submitted and I paid dearly for it…poor sales.

I saw online Amazon has a self publishing platform called KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing. Is it any good?

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