Writing a WRAP

Did anyone ever write a WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan? You can find one if you google My WRAP from Nami. Did it help you?

I thought of writing one by myself as my own prevention tool.

I’ve written many WRAPs over the years. In my personal experience, they’ve helped me a ton. I personally struggle with identifying when I’m going downward with my illness. The WRAP helps me identify when I’m really starting to struggle again.

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We do this routinely for serious cases of mental illness here. With doctors, nurses and psychologists. I’m writing one tomorrow with my psych nurse because I’m finally ending my treatment. From now on I’m only going to see my GP.

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I did one when I was inpatient once. It’s helpful, but when I’m in crisis everything goes out the window. i don’t have the insight to read a WRAP plan when I’m really bad off, so I miss out on my pre-planning for such an event. Still, a worthy exercise!

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Good that you are ending treatment! That’s a milestone! Nice…

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@anon9798425 I didn’t know a WRAP was routine treatment there…nice! Here it isnt really introduced yet in regular care afaik, save for some innovative initiatives where you can do a special course for it. I e-mailed my nurse whether we could make one together, she didn’t respond, so I think I’ll make one myself. It seems useful.

@cathy2 Good to hear that it helped you.

@anon39736208 Hm… sorry to hear it doesn’t help you when really in crisis. For me, I hope it helps in healthy periods, to know better what I should do to stay healthy, what makes me happy. And in the periods where I’m going down, but not fully in crisis yet, to identify and curb it. And for others to know what they should do when I’m in crisis. I dont really expect me to sit and read my WRAP when I’m severely psychotic.

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i want to have a plan

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