Started journaling recently. Don’t know if it helps much but good to get my thoughts on paper. Otherwise I’m just going round in circles on here or in my mind. I either am adamant I have sz or I dont think I do. I mean my partner does not think so but what does he know.


I keep a recovery journal. Have been for over 25 years now. It’s a fantastic tool for tracking progress and helping identify which things work and which make your health worse over time.


If it was me, sometime in the last ten years I would have demanded an accurate diagnosis. I would have told some psychiatrist, “Look, this is ridiculous that I’ve been years not knowing if I’m schizophrenic or not. You guys aren’t doing your job. Other people I know get their diagnosis, why can’t I?”

You explained to me before why you haven’t got a diagnosis but for it to go on more then two years no matter what the circumstances is ridiculous.

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By the time I saw five psychiatrists, I had three different diagnoses.


I have many times, but they all say different things and because I never get to see the same consultant more than two or three times, it’s very difficult to get an accurate diagnosis.

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Well, there’s that old saying, “You got to make things happen.”
It’s up to you to demand a diagnosis and arrange for it to happen.

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I kept a journal for several years, but then I got rid of it.

After taking a break from journaling for a couple of years, I decided to journal again. I feel my mind is clearer and my life feels more organized after writing things down on paper.

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