Wrestling with my demons


Does anyone else wrestle with very strong negative thoughts and emotions? How do you break free and what gives you strength?


it’s a struggle for sure.

From years of seeing it on these boards it’s mostly about medication. It’s about getting your head right then addressing the things that trouble you.

Pays to have a good relationship with a good shrink! A good shrink has seen a lot of stuff and we’re all different. A good shrink will let you try something that may work. It’s not an exact science but you’ve got to try!


I do. I think we all do, and honestly i belied its a blessing in disguise. The psychological pain is a thorn in our flesh that when we pass will be lifted from us. For now its like a weight that holds us down, but strengthens us at the same time. Dont dispair; have hope. God is with you always.


I think our thoughts and emotions are spiritual I just do introspection on them and watch how they come and go they are painful though.


I would agree there is definitely some overlap at the least


I’m having these at the moment. No coping strategy seems to be making a difference. It normally happens to me in December anyway.

I have some emergency benzos. I might take another one tonight.


I fight Lucifer and his angel Louisa. They both tell me to kill or to be killed


You recently said you believe in god but not in the devil. Make up your mind !


I don’t really believe in a separate existence outside of God. Lucifer is God also. Everything is only God


The eye in the sky frowns on me. Shows me that I must follow but I don’t and things get bad.


Everything is connected. But we have individual willpower and consciousness.
I am sorry that you hear voices @Om_Sadasiva :frowning:. I hope you can get rid of them.


I have good ones also, fortunately. Are you stable now @Andrey?


Yes I am stable. I still take AP daily and AD every two days. I am able to work now. It’s a miracle.


Bravo. I am happy for you. I am not that bad. I see a therapist who motivates me. Still some voices and delusions but I am in charge.


Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions is one of the most typical symptoms of SZ. I do believe they “can” have a spiritual root cause for sure, as that is how I ended up developing SZ. Let’s just say my brother (who is a paranormal investigator) and I did something we shouldn’t have done, and I have been plagued with voices and terrible thoughts ever since that day. I either ignore them or tell them they are not in control no matter what they try to throw on me, or I tell them they are a bunch of cowards because they want to use me in order to complete their agenda and can’t do it for themselves. I tell them my mind is stronger than they are and I can’t be influenced so they need to take a hike. They will sometimes leave me alone for a few days after that but still come back trying to break my will and get me to physically hurt myself or others. They are persistent little bastards!!! Lol


The winter blues… And depression gives bad spirits a foothold


Maybe try raising your serotonin naturally with exercise and light therapy this winter instead of benzos. Those “balance but diminish” serotonin in the long run. If youre genuinely looking to boost in, exercise is your best bet. Consistency is key so make it regilar. I like to do just 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 squats whenever i feel like it, dispersed throughout the day