Bad news........./

This week I’ve started to relapse. I am demon possessed and hated my god, I am mentally insane my thoughts are all the opposite of the truth, coming right from the devil. The evilest thoughts are coming from my heart blasphemous terrible horrific horrific thoughts. I don’t believe I’m ill I am the devil and I am insane. I am completely possessed, and will burn in the lake of fire for all eternity. This could be a delusion, but I just wanted to ask you guys to keep me in your prayers, and if you believe it is a devil inside me help get it the ■■■■ out! Trying to get back to the doctors to get back on meds. Lord help me.


thats good you are trying to get back to the docs and on meds again, i think you are doing the right thing, you need to fight this thing and that will surely help :thumbsup: good luck x


If it gets really bad can you go to the hospital to get stable on meds again? You can always call 911. When I get psychotic I become homicidal and suicidal which becomes really dangerous. Can you tell your parents? You should tell someone. You’re not possessed you’re mentally ill. Remember how scarey this is when you get stable again so you stay on your meds. I wish you the best of luck. :sunny:


you are not the devil, i speak to the guy who looks like the devil, you are not him.
sorry you are finding it tough.
hope you feel better tomorrow.
take care

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have you heard from your pdoc? the better you co-operate with your pdoc and others working on your mental health, i.e. nurse or whatever, the better off you’ll be.

I hope they help you back on track really soon.

hugs to you, judy

You are doing right in calling on help from others. Build a support network and don’t be afraid to use it. Others will help. Your first priority should be to get stabilized on med’s. You are doing right.