Would you work with/for your spouse? Poll and also comments welcome

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I have an opportunity to work with my husband.

It would be pretty easy work.

Mostly boring stuff too tedious for him to want to deal with.

Not only would this give me some employment history,

It would help me get some much needed work credits.

But I see how it could be trouble too.

I don’t know.

He’s telling me I need the credits.

What do you think?


My parents had a business together. They ended in divorce.

It’s hard to do everything together but for some people it might work.


This is his business.

I’d just be an employee and wouldn’t have any say in operations or anything.

I think I’m going to give it a try and if it’s not something I can keep up with I’ll just have to tell him right away so he doesn’t have to fire me or whatever.

Though that could be kind of hot.


Maybe you can start by asking a pay raise :grinning:

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That was my start.

I don’t want to get into our financial arrangement with everyone on the forum,

But basically I get paid to run the house.

He said I could do some of the work and make my usual amount, he’d pay the taxes and such.


I get more money for more work.

We started there.

My husband is super loving and supportive, but he’s a businessman above all.

He knew he what he was doing.

Wasn’t going to give me that money unless I asked for it.


You could always put it on paper or make a contract so that there are no discussions.

Sometimes it’s smart to put things on paper.


My husband and I run a business together. Would not have it any other way.

It depends for me. If he’s working for someone else then I wouldn’t work with them for me personally. Say if he’s publishing a book on his own then yes I would work with him.

Everyone I know who has tried this ended up divorced within a few years.

For your specific case I would recommend it even less. You hate being told what to do, and he hates when people don’t listen to him. You both seem to be at your happiest when you can both have a lot of personal freedom. Working for him won’t increase the amount of money coming into the house. It will not give you more independence. It will create a lot of situations where he will have more power in decision-making than you.


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