What do u think?

Is it wrong to want my wife to get a job when im on disability and don’t work myself? I have paranoid sz and i have a real hard time leaving the house she is “normal”…

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There is alot of factors to take into consideration here.
-does she want to

-do y’all need the money

-is your relationship healthy enough for one spouse to be working most days

-do you trust her around other men when you aren’t around

It happens quite often that when a woman starts working they get a sense of independence and many cheat or begin to feel trapped by their marriage

Where in the world did you get this theory?


Have you talked to your wife about it

I mean I’m sure these woman had these intentions to begin with i know dozens or marriages that ended in cheating and divorce after the woman began to work

And that isn’t a sexist statement. I simply observed this time and time again

Men cheat just as much

Great to add fuel that paranoia fire…

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It’s a tough question but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want someone to work if they’re capable of it. That’s what society expects - for those who are able - to be working, or in school to get educated for a better job.

It is truth of every disabled person. In this world.

Does she have a reason for not wanting a job?
I mean… Is she scared to leave you alone or something?


I’m in the same situation but my wife has a job and I want her to stay home with me. Is that wrong?

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Depends on why you want her to stay home.
I mean…
Do you want her to take care of you, or spend more time with you?
Is she unhappy at her job?
And do you need the money she brings in?

I don’t think it’s healthy for two indiciduals to stay indoors with each other all day every day. If they can get out once in a while, they should. Maybe work is her “escape”, and it wouldn’t be wise to rob her of that.


if she is happy working while you live on disability bc you are sick then i dont see a problem with that.

This is beyond sexist,

If you can’t trust women around other men that is a reflection of your own insecurities.

And women gaining a sense of independence is a bad thing,



i know what you mean but if she enjoys her job so much then its up to her if she wants to do it, if i had a wife at work i would not force her to stop working just to keep me company all day thats not fair and it is rather selfish too (no offense).


Yea you’re just making him more paranoid he just asked about having his wife work.

If she thinks so it is good that she leaves the marriage… :slight_smile:

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Shut up lol men do the same ■■■■

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