Would you travel or settle?

If you had substantial funds, would you travel the world, or would you settle down and bring up someone else’s kids with your first love?

I ask because I am 44 and the average life expectancy of a male schizophrenic is aged 60 and wonder what to do?


“Would you travel or settle?”

I have no problem travelling whatsoever. I have lived and worked abroad numerous times.


I wouldnt be so sure you will die at 60.

Sz life expectancy is so low in large part cause so many szs are homeless, and homelessess shortens life spans. Way worse diet, sleep schedule etc

Considerimg youre on the internet at this hour Im assuming younarent homeless.

Also.dont smoke. Thats a huge.killer for szs

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I gave up smoking 13 years ago. I am not homeless, but I have med induced diabetes. I eat healthily, slightly over weight due to meds and about to start exercising frequently.

Still, it is worrying to see the average lifespan so low.

Yeah. I wouldnt let it get to you. To put it in perspective almost 90 percent of szs smoke heavily, and that alone will take 10 to 20 years off a life expectancy. Good for you quitting.

A lot of szs also dont eat healthy diets, are obsese, and get literally zero excersize. The smoking plus obesity is a recipe for disaster.

But as I say the biggest reason is homelessness. It is so rough on the body.

Suicide also lowers life expectancy.

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I’ve heard so many folks in their 80’s wonder how they lived so long, most thought they would die young, so they just didn’t plan accordingly.

One day you wake up and realize your old, and wonder where the time went…
Or worse, you think your not that old, then some young kid comes along and claims your ancient.

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Look at John Goodman. He wad 400 pounds and smoked a pack a day and was an alchoholic for years. Now he lost 100 pounds and hes 65.

Sometimes you croak in your 40s or something, but you mever really know.

Me personally? I sort of rock and roll. If me having a smoke or a bag of chips takes some time off my life Infigure ill take.the.chance cause its delicious.

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This is where the quality of life is more important than the quantity.
Do what you truly enjoy, and if it cuts years off your life, then you’ll still die happy.
Cut out all the good stuff and maybe add some years to your life span, but if their miserable, why bother?

My grandma smoked a few packs a day since she was in her teens, and always had a large glass of vodka with a tiny bit of orange juice in constantly throughout the day. I’ve never seen her without a lit cigarette and vodka in her hand.
She lived until she was 82 years old, her heart just finally gave out, and her last words in the hospital when they gave a cup of water?
"Could you put some vodka in it?"
What would it hurt at this point? So we did, and she died with a smile.


Yeah. You have to be a bit careful though, especially about getting obese. Obesity drastically alters quality of life. As you get older you basically become bed ridden.

But I totally understand.the argument of just living your life with quality. I smoke maybe 3 to 5 cigerettes a day, and I know its a choice.

But smoking is awesome.

Im overweight but not massively so. My only concern is getting really fat.

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Being heavy (to me) is miserable. I’ve put on 40 lbs over the winter, but I get so uncomfortable when the weather gets warmer I can’t stand it.
I have to go walking every day until the weight comes off, getting older makes the extra pounds cling to ya like a lonely, unwanted relative, but time to kick my behind out the door for some exercise…um, ok, tomorrow.

Yeah i mean when you think about it, imagine carrying around a 45 plate at the gym all day, every day, every time you move.

Its really uncomfortable.

The good news is that you can lose weight with effort, and theres a bonus that preciselg because you move around all that extra weight, you become stronger than ever.

I would travel. With unlimited funds? I’d make sure my son has everything he needs, and that he could travel more too. Then my husband and I wouldn’t settle anywhere.

But she wouldn’t be able to travel as the kids need schooling. So it is her or travelling and possibly meeting someone else on the journey.

I will be coming into some money soon. The choice is love, sacrifice and ‘freedom’?

its not really freedom

on your own sucks.

Settle down, be happy

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If you’ve got the means to travel and a bit of wanderlust, you’d be selling yourself short if you stayed and settled.
You can’t settle down until you get the travel bug out of your system.

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I’m 58, and I’m a male schizophrenic. I’d like to do some more travelling before I die. The only travelling I have done I did when I was in the army in Germany a long time ago. Germany was a beautiful country. I’d like to see Europe again.

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Travel all of the way.

I can’t even believe you are asking this.

Really tough decision though, because staying put and raising someone else’s children sounds wonderful esp. compared to travel. Sarcasm.

Travel, go for it.

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