Would you prefer to be a famous musician or a famous athlete

I would prefer to be a famous musician, with playing the drums. I think being a famous musician is more enjoyable and more pleasurable. It is also less strenuous on your body if you are a famous musician. I still would enjoy being a famous athlete.


Definitely musician, in the past i woulf have said an athlete cause i was a heavy body builders. I would like to be a singer in a famous power metal band like Amaranthe

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I wonder who makes the most money. Among the best with being an athlete or a musician?

Super famous pop stars make a lot, but there is always a professional tennis player that makes more

That is interesting, I thought it was the opposite.

Average basketball players make like 20mil a year while average footballer in europe makes 50mil. Tennis players makes so much more cause its rich people sport. Golf players also make absurd amount. If you are like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, you might make a lot of money, but streaming services dont pay a lot. Also main income of singers is music touring. One of the most famous metal bands like Sabaton still cant afford a lambo, while basketball players rolls in roll royce

Hmm. . .

Sorry For The Thread Interruption Fellas.

But!, I Am A Musician.

One Might Even Say The Greatest Musician Of All Time.

Better Than Jim Morrison.

Better Than Jimi Hendrix.


Better Than Christina Aguilera.

Although, She’s More Attractive. Well…, Because She’s A Woman. And I’m A Guy.

And Well…, I’m Sure You Get The Idea.

Point Is,

As The Greatest Musician On Planet Earth. I Choose The Lo-fi Celebrity Status.

Perhaps Like Neutral Milk Hotel.

Because My Music Is Even Better Than, ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’.

I Am Truly Humble I Might Add.

But!, I Digress.

I Choose Never Was Absent Lowly Sad Depressed Lonely Isolated Forever Gone Musician!.

I Hope I Made A Good Choice. . .

I would prefer to be a famous athlete. Seems healthier. A lot of musicians are just drinking and using drugs.

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Musician. Music is good for the soul


I’d never want to be an athlete. It is too much training. And pressure.

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Musician all the way.

I was a very good runner in high school. I needed THAT to get into the college I did; it helped my resume.

I hung up my shoes there tho. Didn’t feel any point to focus hard on shaving another half second’ off my sprint time in the quarter mile.

I don’t have much of a strong opinion about Olympic athletes who focus on one thing out of the womb.

To be more positive I adore musicians; I actually think music is like The opposite of all of which I just naysayed.

But in case I sound uninformed I’ll just say I have trouble watching tv, or really taking in much media at all these days.

(Sorry for the long posts, ). I can’t seem to help myself!

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Guess I showed more athletic ability but music careers last {onger.

Musician, definitely.

But I wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight.

Just a reclusive musical prodigy.

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I prefer athlete as I like sports more. Soccer player.

I would like to make music. I’m not sure how in feel about being famous. I can think of some famously bad musicians.

I would like to be a famous figure skater. Twirling around on the ice, looking weightless and so elegant. :star_struck:

Well I wanted to be a famous baseball player as a kid. And a famous rapper as an adult

I guess I’m just stuck yearning for the best

But I always said famous novel writer would be the best thing to be famous for

I don’t want to be famous. I don’t have interest in either career you mentioned, especially sports. I cannot fathom the attraction to professional sports. I’d like to be a financially successful photographer, meaning that I can afford to spend the day taking photos. Don’t care if I’m famous so long as there’s a roof over my head and food on the table.

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I’d like to be able to make music. It helps me to cope.

I like being physically active, but I don’t need to be a famous athlete.

So maybe a musician but not a famous one.

My guess is that fame and paranoia are not gentle playmates. And the pressure would be too much.