Would you prefer to be a famous musician or a famous athlete

I would prefer being a famous musician, but im not sure if i could handle it, im not really into sports.

i don’t want to be famous to be honest

musician for me,

if i want to be fit, i will be fitness freak, the sportspit is taking over anyhow, stadiums everywhere.

I would prefer to be an athlete not necessarily famous though

I wonder why in the USA they call football soccer when football is actually football and the football they play in the USA is not actually football but somerging like handball or rugby

Musician, I’ve always been envious of people that have a musical gift. I have no artistic/musical ability about me. Which is kinda weird, my dad was in a band when he was younger, my grandmother played the organ at her church, my great uncle was a university music professor. My grandfather taught piano as a side hustle. There is a lot of musical ability in my family but it just passed me over, I have no sense of rhythm or timing, I can’t dance or sing. I’ve tried the piano, guitar and saxophone and I just couldn’t pick it up so I gave up.

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Fame comes with a very steep price.

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