What do you want to be famous for?


If you picked something and worked hard to achieve it, what would it be?

A scientific discovery? Acting? Entrepreneurship? Winning the lottery?

I was so famous during my first psychosis. I have experienced the thrill and trauma of it :wink:
Now in the real world, I would like to become popular on social media to have a luxurious lifestyle and receive a lot of free things. Who knows?


ive thought about this already. the only thing i’d want to be famous for is music

other than that fame is not my mo, i learned i didn’t like attention in town


My smokin hot naked body lol :joy:


A health related scientific discovery. But if I found one Id try to slip it into the mainstream anonymously as fame is a really bad idea.


Indeed! :notes: :notes: :notes: :slight_smile:

What kind of music @yaz1?


redistributing the worlds food supply so that no one goes hungry and of course my famous meatloaf and mashed potatoes would be at the center of every table except the vegans they could have my vegetable soup.


I used to want to be a famous contortionist. If my joints weren’t such ■■■■ I just might have been. I used to be in training but my orthopedic surgeon pretty much said stop or else. Then I got crazy anyways so whatever. I totally could have run away with the circus and been happy, though.


Music. I would love to be a great musician


I want to be famous for either my music or my writing.


Awesome @leaf! :purple_heart: You have a :orange_heart: :slight_smile:


Yes, I can relate @mermaid1 :thinking:


I’d love to go to one of your dinners. Sounds yummy.


well right now I’m trying to learn and appreciate bluegrass, folk/southern gospel,

but if I were to be famous I think i’d like to produce a folk/rock/country sound.

and I think that would fit my personality.

Lately I’ve been getting into Chris Stapleton and it’s inspired me to get into more of a country genre

how about you, what genre would you play?


Cool post @yaz1 I love folk/world music, too. :purple_heart:

All the best with your music adventures - enjoy! :slight_smile:


Literature. 1515


An artist! Maybe an architect or an animator or a director. Art is just not part of my life anymore. My brain is no longer creative and I need to find jobs that aren’t stressful.


I want to be famous for my compassion.


I want to be famous for an incredible archaeological finding like Howard Carter did with King Tutankhamen tomb. I will start to study archaeology in 5+ years once my kids are both in school


I’ve always wanted legit super powers. So I guess I want to be famous for that.


I designed a lot of homes before I got sick and they are still there so that makes me feel good…as far as being famous I would like to be known for my book I wrote even though I published it anonymous.