Would you come off medication

Would anyone hear come off of medication for a second time after their second episode of psychosis?

All being well the doctor says I can reduce from 10mg Olanzapine in six months time, is this wise?


I wouldn’t. But that’s just my opinion

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Think I’ll try once more, but the consequences are scary.

I wouldn’t risk it. What’s your diagnosis?

Just psychosis at the moment. Which we’re based on delusions, that I was being monitored and recorded and more.

only if i gave up my drivers license. i would probably just reduce dose when i felt good.

I wouldn’t stop the anti-psychotics; I would try a different one.
I’m not sure with what you have going on, that titrating off, would be a good idea.

Maybe a different pdoc.

I’m in the same boat. It took a long time to find the right medication for me after my first episode. I am now taking 25% of my initial prescribed dose. I’m scared to quit and get a second episode

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Hey man, I don’t have another relapse in me. I’m 60 years old. My first break I was 19. Got stable then relapsed when I was twenty eight. It takes a lot of energy to survive a relapse and I just don’t have any.


I agree a relapse takes a lot of energy …that is why I wouldn’t fix what’s not broke at this point in time


I will never come off my medication unless my pdoc thinks it is a good idea. My last psychosis I was horrible to deal with. I don’t want to put my partner through that again.

I spent over a year with my voices saying “I love you” over and over. I went without my Zyprexa for two days and the voices started threatening to kill me and calling me awful names which I won’t repeat. Went back on the Zyprexa, now it’s just “I love you” again.

I don’t recommend coming off meds, if you feel they are causing you too many side effects I recommend asking your psychiatrist if you can lower your dose slightly.

My brother is right now in heavy psychosis telling us he’s a gifted psychic who is hearing spirits tell him not to take medicine. Tell me how you would propose helping this young man without medicine. Personally I’m ready to have someone go in and forcefully inject him because his illness is threatening to derail the lives of those around him. He just won’t listen.

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Wow. Yes I can see how that can be a huge problem
As for voices telling you I love you every day, I think I could live with! Mine were all negative

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My Doctor is willing to try again once I’ve been stable again for six months. I’m not sure I’ll try though as there is a lot to risk. Don’t want a third psychosis.

That has never worked out for me, and yet I still feel that urge to try to make it without my med’s. The med’s weaken your body so much. They make it impossible to endure very much difficult weather. I can’t go backpacking because of that. I used to love to go backpacking. I can’t get jobs working outside, in the weather. It’s a question you have to answer yourself, with the help of your pdoc.


I hear it is a bad idea for most people and also I’m not you so can’t really tell. Weigh out the pros and cons.

I myself am still 70/30 leaning towards coming off the antipsychotic. In the future.

I also have a diagnosis of psychosis. I suppose if I relapse again, if I come off the antipsychotic then that will change to schizophrenia.

If you do decide to come off, make sure that on the SAME day that if your voices begin again, go immediately back on the antipsychotic. Ensure you have a set of pills ready for such a scenario. Just my two cents.

There’s journals that suggest that earlier medicating, reduces the chances of difficulty with recovery, though I do not know much about this.

I did this and ended up in the hospital.

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I’ve never had voices fortunately, just delusions.

But to have some medication spare would be a good idea.

Tempted just to stop medication and see what happens

It is up to you really. Just ensure you have close contact with your CPN about it, and if delusions come back, I’d suggest to go back on that antipsychotic again on the same day.