Would you come off medication

personally i’m not gonna try comming off meds again but if you really want to then i’d say try it with the help of your pdoc. But you gotta think about that if you relapse your old meds might not work anymore.


Or they might need a higher dose, aka possibly more side effects


They’re saying be stable for six months and then reduce.

I just want to get back to where I was before the last episode.

I just did a stint of a month and a half with no Zoloft and Abilify only on work days.

My mood plummeted and I started getting weird thoughts and the internal voices were becoming more pronounced.

I’ve never had a relapse before, and am honestly a little terrified at the prospect of Abilify never working again, as it works pretty well for me at the moment.

In your case, you’ve already had a second bout of psychosis, so it might be one of those situations where you’ll have to take meds for the rest of your life.

Either way, I wish you well :sunny:


That’s what everyone says, which makes me wonder why my doctor would try again?

I’m never messing with my medications again for the rest of my life. The last time I came off APs without my doctor’s okay I hosed my finances and my marriage. Was able to repair both that time, not sure if I can pull it off a second time.


That’s where I’m at now, my partner has had enough and isn’t sure she wants to be with me anymore.

Take your meds. If you don’t like the amount you’re taking and the side-effects, start doing CBT and therapy so you can help yourself cope with more symptoms on less medications.

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Yeah will do. Just scrabbling round trying to repair all the damage I’ve done.

Put on a stone in weight and now living on my own, which I hate.

I don’t have any symptoms at the moment, delusions have completely gone.

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God, wouldn’t that be nice? I’ve got the Alien Extravaganza back thanks to stress from my @#$%ing in-laws.

Short answer no.

Long answer hell no.


Yea I really can emphathise. My suggestion would be to really take care of yourself and also reduce the dose over months and months. After those 6 months of stability. It could end up in relapse, but it might not and hopefully it wont!
That’s if you decide to go ahead with it.

Can I ask do you know what may have caused psychosis in you?

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I’m tempted to stop just to see if I’m okay

Was the same stressors as the first time. Arguing with family, partner and stress at work. My mum was critically ill both times and my nephew was in serious trouble with the law.

Maybe see if you can find a way to get stress levels to a minimum, generally. And perhaps some coping mechanisms for stress. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Thank you, and your definitely right. Just got to work on myself in the meantime

You’re welcome.

I did over 2 years ago. It cost me 3 weeks in the state hospital and $1500 usd. Being forced on Invega that didn’t agree with me. Not to mention the humiliation and stigma of being dragged away in handcuffs.
It could have been worse and i don’t plan on doing it again.

No as it damages the brain and makes all sz symptoms worse, positive, cognitive and negative. I wish I didnt stop meds for 2yrs, my negative symptoms are worse now than after the first time I was put on meds. Even my positive symptoms were worse during 2nd psychosis that was caused by stopping meds.

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