Should I come off my ap next year?

Basically I am afraid that wat if I relapse and then have to go on a higher dose, I’m afraid of this kind of stuff.
But if I come off I will feel alive again, can jog and move at ease.

Feel free to comment, any suggestions is welcome

  • Come off
  • Don’t come off

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I am diagnosed psychosis with depression, not Sz.

I wouldn’t recommend going off meds without some kind of health strategy. Meds act as a kind of buffer for reducing the inflammation of a bad diet. They let you get away with eating things you normally shouldn’t.

Unless you have some kind of super anti-inflammatory diet, or another med that is strongly anti-inflammatory, I wouldn’t quit meds.

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If your dx is psychosis it should be pretty safe. If your not feeling well mentally you need to discuss that to go for a new dx though.

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Thanks for ur response I think my diet is quite anti inflammatory. But I just am not sure if it is enough.
My mental state is not perfect.

I did drugs in the past

I have at least one uncle with psychosis

But if I don’t try coming off I’ll never know…

I have this n next year to work on my mental space…

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I think schizophrenics are entitled to at least try to get off meds, if they want. Just to see if life gets better or worse.

Like, I just got off my meds, it’s day 3, and things are getting marginally worse, but bearable.

I’m waiting on a PEMF device to heal my brain, to see if it can flip my situation for the better. If that doesn’t work, I might just go back on meds.

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I like how u try all these things it’s really cool. N ur research into nutrition inflammation.
Are u cooperating with ur pdoc does he she know?

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My pdoc knows I am pretty stubborn about my medication demands. It’s me that’s being treated after all.

We have a good rapport though, I make him laugh.

Thanks for the support!

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I had a first episode of psychosis when I was 17 years old. I was on AP’s until 19.

I was then free of psychosis until I was 23 - so I went four years before anything bad happened off meds.

That said, I had a crash and it got a whole lot worse and I ended up with the sz label

You have to weigh up the benefits and risks of taking the medication

I am grateful for four years off meds, but it wasn’t to last longer than that. You never know how you will be

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Someone I met in the hospital has been taking Abilify for 30 years and lived happily ever after. If you found something that works, never quit it.


Yea as an ap it works pretty well so far, thanks.

Good point.

It’s just that I can’t jog anymore and so I eat less I worry about vitamin deficiencies
And other side effects. Of the med

I just dunno if its worth coming off… The risk

So yea for an ap it has been good thou, so I’ll keep that in mind.

If you have to do something like that do it under the care of a mental health professional. Personally, when I try to come off my ap’s what comes out isn’t good.


How long have you been on ap’s?

If I were you, I’d ask the pdoc about tapering off slowly. As in lowering the dose by the minimum amount for three months, see how you go, then do it again until you either find your minimum or are off them completely.

It is a good compromise that will ensure you don’t have a breakdown.

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I went on my ap again in dec 2018.
So it’s been a year and a bit.

Yea I think I would defo taper if I came off. Thanku for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Do you mean you came off and relapsed and then went back on ap? And were then going to come off again?

Did you come of again and how did it go?

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I heard withdrawl from AP’s cause a psychotic episode

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Yep this is an old account of mine.

I came off in 2018 May.

Relapsed November 2018.

Went back on ap December 2018.

Now its 2021.

I might come off again.

In the future.

With pdoc approval.

But I’m not 100 prcnt sure yet.

Disclaimer I have psychosis NOS not sz

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I’m in exactly the same position. Was there stress involved in the relapse? My relapse also happened after reducing ad s … we’re you also on antidepressants?

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No I don’t like Antidepressants.

But yes there was a lot of stress involved.

And it was chronic excessive stress

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I guess it’s a personal choice.


Definitely… If I come off and have a third episode I’ll accept it then.

Will slowly taper though. I’m on 5mg Olanzapine now, so will ask for 3.75 next.