Would you be shy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?

would you be shy…?

I would, but I don’t think I can. :slight_smile:

i’m very shy outside of the internet

Not any more. I hate that nervous feeling and now that I’m not stoned I can typically think of something topical and appropriate. Or I saunter off.

But once the ice is broken with some inviting/interesting statement people typically open up.

money could cure my shyness…?

I am. Still. I told a doctor in a hospital once how shy I was and he was like “you shouldn’t be shy at you’re age” I was 23…like that is simply a childhood thing you get over, which I suppose he believed, wrongly, I mean knowing what I know and having known the people who’ve crossed my path I know that it’s something that can be lifelong, episodic, or even hit you at any point in life. I was far less shy as a kid than I became as I got older, it didn’t even really hit me until my mid teens. Doctor’s though, I suppose their psychological and social constructs, most of which I’ve found at best absurd and at worst frighteningly and harmfully inane, must blind them to what wisdom one accrues with an open mind not biased by such things.

Speaking of stoned, I’ll smoke now and then but leaving my comfort zone high is nearly always an embarasing disaster.

I am…

I am better at writing out my words than dictating them. I tend to freeze up a lot.

I am typically very shy, but, when it comes to a girl I like, I can overcome it…my GF thinks its adorable that I get red faced and stammer when she introduces me to her friends…And when I met her mom and older sister last week…I never said a word the whole dinner and my face was so flushed I felt like passing out from having so much blood in my head…and all her mother and sister had to say was “He is so cute! Where did you find him!?”