Have you been a shy person

During my child hood i been very shy person, maybe that was a sign that latter in my life i will develop mental illness. I am again shy person but in comparison i am in a much better stand than during my child hood.

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I was very shy as a child/teenager. My first overt psychiatric symptom was what is now known as social anxiety. There is quite a lot of research linking being shy and solitary with subsequent schizophrenia and related diagnoses.

I had a very bad problem with shyness as a child that continued to adulthood. I read somewhere that childhood shyness is a sign of sz later to come and it’s certainly true in my case. Many people have told me that I’m the quietest person they’ve ever met in their life.

I was over the top manic hyper as a kid. I couldn’t help myself, I was in everyones face. I had to follow everyone I saw. I basically manically raved at everyone who accidently got near me. I was a compulsive class clown. I had no concept of personal space. When I got older and started crumbling more, then I withdrew.

I was an odd mix. I’d have moments where I was super-shy, hiding behind my mother’s skirts, and other times I’d walk right up to someone and proudly announce my latest self-discovery. There was never any rhyme or reason to it, I just got into moods and my behavior would change randomly.

i was shy ,did not communicate , no friends ,still don’t have any , at kindergarden i would stare at my teacher as if she was an idiot, my mother told me this. and i would refuse to sit in the circle with the other children at story time.
that was when dark sith was born…ha…ha…ha
take care

i used to go red in the face when i was younger, i hated it, people would notice me blushing and make fun of it, thank god i don’t blush any more, i hated it

I was initially before grade school, then learned to be a big mouth, smart alec brat. Things happened and I got quiet through jr high. More things happened to make me very quiet. Only since the last 10 years did I stop caring what people thought when I discovered the truth about people and the way of life did My ever so loudness (discreetly of course) represent itself.
Now I can be loud when ever the need arises.

i was shy and had socialy anxiety as well. I still have it to this day.

I was a very shy but strong-willed child. I had no regard for authority and was quite aggressive with my peers when forced to interact with them. I’m told it was a sign of giftedness but I don’t really buy that…

@babycat. Hello. My son lives with his dad and stepmom. She’s telling me that my boy is acting up. You said you were a strong willed child. Did any punishment work with you? I remember nothing worked with my daughter.