Maybe I can't help being shy

I’m not a total recluse, it’s just a lot of the time, I find it hard to start conversations. And I’m petrified of beautiful women. However, a lot of people like me just the same. I can make an order at Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s pretty much no problem. It’s a part of our illness for some of us. Although I know if I were born in the Far East, I’d fit right in. We really do value action and engagement in North American society, so it could be something I was born with.

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I find it hard sometimes to open my mouth

I’m very shy too.

I’m just feeling like crap again, right now and can’t get going. I thought I’d be happy here because at least the place is intact. Damn, introversion!

I find communication an effort and start to get tired of it after 20 minutes. So I too am able to do stuff like order a coffee, but I wouldn’t consider myself shy though.

I’m good at socializing sometimes. With strangers, I will just blurt out something that pops into my head and about 70% of the time it works and they laugh or agree. It took me years to learn, that in a way, people are on your side and they are pulling for you to talk. It’s almost like they want to help you to learn how to talk. When I was working in a major Department store, this one woman always talked to me and tried to draw me out on breaks and lunch. Nice lady. A little hard, and rough around the edges but a nice lady, nonetheless.

Yeah if you talk it makes it less awkward for them

It’s a 2 way street

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To me, shy is just self protective. How I wish I had guarded my tongue at times in my past.

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