I'm experiencing constant delusion and psychosis. I'm not aware of how sick I am usually

it’s been 4 years since dx. though I had symptoms since early childhood that went unnoticed. I’m not sure if I’m hearing voices or not. does thinking make it harder to hear other stuff? or is that a sign it’s a voice? I’m really confused and scared. I just don’t grasp reality, I’m not if I ever have.

Well you are grasping that you aren’t grasping reality. That is a good sign as many don’t even have this level of insight in the beginning.

The only thing I can really say is, if you do have SZ, you need to talk to a Dr. and find the right medication. You can notice worlds of difference when on the right medication.

Best wishes


my pdoc can only take so much of me at once (because I’m not just schizophrenic… Ive gone mad.) so I am still waiting to talk to him about meds.

I liked abilify. it made me motivated and energetic. but it took 3 months to start giving that benefit.I still have hope.

thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: I’m doing better today, I think I just got confused from this thc cbd 1:30 ratio oil I took. weird how even 1mg of thc with 30x of cbd can mess me up so bad