Would this be considered a large dose?

I had over 210mg risperdal
Abilify 17mg
Mirtazapine 8100mg
Zopiclone 2025mg

These are my totals from this year, I feel really side effected up and not myself would the AP dosage be considered high or low amounts to have? Why am I still feeling flat and blind? Any advice would help

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That’s a lot of meds. I don’t know the potency of the ones other than abilify. But that’s a lot of abilify. I think 10mg is what pdocs aim for with that med?

Yeah dude that’s a lot of friggin meds. I’m surprised you can tolerate all of those.

No surprise that you feel side effects.

Less is more with meds- aim for being on just enough to feel well and be well- the meds are not to be taken lightly, they’re powerful drugs. Powerful main effects, yes, and powerful side effects almost always come with a strong main effect.

If it’s strong enough to work, it’s strong enough to have side effects.

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a Vampire and a Mouse are communicating. lol

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I thought they aimed for 10-15mg with a maximum of 30? That’s what it was last time I read in the UK anyway

Yeah, that’s correct- but in adjunct with those other meds…I say that’s a lot.

10mg of abilify is ideal, but some people need 30mg. That’s what I remember reading about it. Now I haven’t taken it, so I am not sure.

A general thing to consider is that “stacking” meds is an indicator of having a severe case.

I’ve been on a ridiculous stack of meds before and wow did I have side effects. It was like taking away schizophrenia and giving me a different disorder.

Funny thing is I was misdiagnosed, I take and counter meds from adverse reactions.

My pdocs and mental hospital just hand out stuff with no mention of sides or anything

Its hard to cross a road now also tinnitus is annoying me again.

■■■■■ is barely left my question is does all these sides go away? Will I return to normal now im off AP

You need to see a psychiatrist before stopping or changing meds. Going off meds is a great way to end up back in the hospital. I doubt you want to go back.

As for these bizarre side effects, dude you need to see a psychiatrist.

We’re just consumers, we can say “yeah I have had that side effect too” or “no that’s not what happened to me when I took that” but dude you really need to see an MD.

Judging from how many posts you have been posting lately and the content of them, you need to see a doctor! This is way out of our league! ■■■■■ shrinkage? Four meds? Everything else?

Time to see a doc.

I know what you mean man, I am seeing a home treatment team now and there unsure on what to do with me.

The doctor came round listened to my effects and said im not going to prescribe you anything else till I get to know you

Im really out of ideas im still getting sides which wont go away so im scared about my health.

I went to a mental ward a few weeks ago and they checked me out and confirmed shrinkage of my genitals blood work was done and they said im ok but the sides just keep going on

You need to get the doc at your facility to treat you. Annoy him until he does his job.

■■■■■ shrinkage confirmed by a doctor? Whoa, not fun. You need help as soon as possible.

Annoy the doctor until he does his job. Do you know how much doctors are paid? Make them earn it.

Your medicines are too much. What does your doc says?

Well ill see the doctor soon I believe I just feel my chemistry is to weak for strong meds.

I regret abilify so much am I bad for taking it for its hypersexuality effects

What would you do in my situation shrunken ■■■■■ and foggy eyes which still remain 3 months from discontinuation?

What would you do?

My docs dont say much really just want me on injections.

My new doc does not want to hand out anymore AP till further imvestiagations

I would annoy the doctor until he gives you his full attention, and tell him EVERYTHING

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I did do that last week, he came to my home and he did not want to prescribe anything yet.

Its a shame my sides still linger on, do you think shrinkage is reversible? Can hyperprolactinmia cause this

Also flat feeling still occurs to has not gone away is this forever i wonder

Haloperidol or olanzpine might be next for me if AP are needed

I need to look into many meds and ingriedients as im aware of some thing im allergic to

totals for a year that isnt a high dose

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Thats what I was thinking but my body feels so bad from it.

I dont understand why I suffer so much with bizzare effects perhaps the drugs are not tested enough I should of done an allergy test before using these meds (if possible)

But what are you taking daily? They don’t stay in your system for an entire year so it’s silly to calculate it that way.

Im still taking mirtazapine and zopiclone.

I calculated it due to the abnormal effects on my groin area and skin

Doesn’t make it any less silly. That’s not how meds work. They have a half life and your body filters them out. They don’t last a year and build up in your body like that. We can’t tell if it’s a large dose or not because daily dose is what matters and is what is comparable. Side effects could be from any one or any combination of those meds and the best place to start asking is your pharmacist.