Whats yer med count

Ie how many meds have you tried, how was your experience with each?

Abilify-It kind of worked. Helped with my paranoia. Destroyed my attention span to where i couldnt focus on anything for more than 5 mins. I also felt incredibly restless all the time and it made me twitchy in my hands and mouth. Also made me very hungry until i took a b complex vitamin with it. Overall not a great experience.

Zoloft-First time i tried it it was working amazing. I describe it as I felt like a raw nerve at the time, everything was too much, and it felt like it was coating the nerve so all of a sudden life was manageable and i could function. At too high of a dose tho it made me have to pee like crazy even if my bladder was empty, and my bladder stayed messed up like that for years after. Im on it again now at a much lower dose and no bladder problems, it is helping with my racing thoughts and shakiness.

Risperidone- An amazing antipsychotic. Pretty much completely removed my psychosis. Downside? Big weight gain and hyperprolactemia. I had to go off for my health. Sad.

Ativan- Wonderful. It never made me feel high or loopy or anything. It just makes me feel normal again when im freaking the heck out. Same for klonopin which is the other benzo i tried but it made me groggy the next morning so i didnt like it as much.

Latuda-Awful, didnt work at all, gave me akathisia so bad i was suicidal

Effexor- Didn’t work at all, made it impossible to orgasm, bad

Geodon- Didn’t work at all, EXTREMELY sedating to where i was nonfunctional and this did not improve at all even after being on the same dose for months. Completely took away my appetite and made it very difficult to eat and I lost a chunk of weight on it. Weirdly made it so i had no heat tolerance and felt like i was going to faint whenever exposed to heat, even taking a hot shower. Made me very anxious, and caused me to get in a wreck. 0/10.

Wellbutrin-Made me crazy loopy high when i started on it and manic after which i crashed into an awful depressive episode that it did nothing to help with, would not recommend this med to anyone who gets mania

Fanapt & Saphris-Both unremarkable meds that did not work and made me gain 5 lbs in one week so i dropped them quickly

Trazodone- First it worked well for my sleep but i gained tolerance to it extremely fast and at higher doses it made me sweat like an absolute pig while i slept i mean like ruin your pajamas and bed sheets sweat. No thank you.

Prazosin-Made my blood pressure so low I fainted, did not help with my nightmares. Lame.

Propanolol-Worked great for my akathisia, but made me feel mentally dull which i felt was dangerous in situations like driving

Seroquel-The only med that reliably can knock me out and keep me sleeping that i dont instantly gain tolerance to. In the past has given me intense hyper realistic dreams i could get trapped in which was quite stressful. It doesnt do that so much now. It gives me the munchies when i take it but ive never gained significant weight on it. The higher doses of it seem to give me restless leg which is really annoying and ironically prevents me from sleeping which is what im taking it for.

Rexulti-Works amazing, no side effects except a bit of dry mouth when first starting it or increasing doses.

Depakote-Works amazing, at higher doses i had a bit of hair loss but it wasnt a concerning amount and that eventually stopped

Prozac-Didnt notice any improvements, aggravated my bladder

And thats all the psych meds ive tried!


I tried 4 meds. Quetiapine and abilify which were not for me. Lurasidone which I liked, but couldn’t sleep on. And olanzapine which I am taking now which does the job of preventing relapse although I’m not very happy with it. But on the other hand I’m pretty sure I would feel like that no matter which drug I was on.

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Olanzapine, haloperidol, fluanxol, reagila, abilify, Depakote, cipralex, citalopram, benzodiazepines-all of them

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Far too many to list with the problems and benefits of each

I have tried about 10 APs

2 ADs

3 Benzos


i could have stopped at olanzapine because it worked so well but all the other meds followed as a result of me wanting to try something different due to olanzapine weight gain and then my degrading mental health from other meds not working as well as well as having TD and becoming dependent on klonopin

Similar to you, Latuda didn’t work well and gave me bad akathisia. I am on Risperidone 5mg now its the best, only downsides are weight gain and high prolactin but the prolactin is a bigger problem for women. Zyprexa never worked for me. Abilify made me manic.

I’ve been on several APs and ADs, as well as Depakine (Depakote) and Propranolol.
Currently taking Abilify + Prozac. It’s a decent combo, I’m reasonably alert and focused compared to how I was before, but it could still be much better. I tend to oversleep, although far less than before (let’s say 10 hours a night, usually). I no longer have tachycardia, which was the reason of me taking Propranolol (and another med called Betaloc, on occasion). And I never have mood swings, so Depakote not really needed, it was given preemptively until pdoc realized it could be safely removed from the prescription.


How high was your heart rate? I read that all APs cause tachycardia. Obesity and lack of exercise also increase HR. My HR avg is around 100 which is high but my Dr said its normal and didn’t prescribe anything for it.

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I’ve been on risperidone too and it was hell, it messed with my heart rate and blood pressure. When taking a hot bath I used to get dizzy after standing up at the end. I almost fainted once or twice. Unlike you, Abilify doesn’t make me manic, I take the lowest effective dosage which is 10mg, but used to be on 15mg for several years. I’ve never checked my prolactin levels, what are the risks involved?

EDIT. my tachycardia was bad. Heart rate 105 bpm at rest, quickly climbing when doing physical effort.

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Abilify doesn’t increase prolactin so don’t worry. Anyways high prolactin is only a women issue afaik as it can make them lactate for no reason.

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Haldol - Never took all the time so no idea how well it worked
Invega sustenna and trinza - Worked for delusions but did not like how it made me feel
Aripiprazole(Abilify) - Current med. It’s fine I guess

7 antipsychotics

5 antidepressant

5 insomnia pills

3 mood stabilizers

3 benzos

2 long acting injectable antipsychotic meds

Wow I’ve been on a lot of different meds

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Hrm depending on the level and nature of my addictions, Age started, Rx.

I’m looking at about 12x22x365?

Close to 100k pills. Maybe over maybe under.

5 aps
3 ads
3 sleep meds
Around that

I tried in this order

  1. Amisulpride

  2. Invega

  3. Risperdal consta

  4. Risperidone generic

  5. Zyprexa

  6. Olanzapine generic

  7. Haldol

  8. Chlorpromazine

  9. Nozinan

  10. Dipiperon

  11. abilify

  12. Tegretol

  13. Lamictal

  14. Ativan

  15. Xanax

  16. Minitran

  17. Effexor

  18. Deprevix

These I remember.

I have used seroquel for ten years and I’m now in the process of tapering out of that. I disliked the tommy growth and the cognitively dulling. I liked what it did for my sleep.

I’ve used Clopixol and Geodon for over 20 years and I like everything about both

Abilify zyprexa Seroquel geodon risperidone rexulti haldol saphris perphenazine alot of meds. I’ve been through hell with all of them.